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Joy is a really nice guy, & a great reporter and this is a really interesting back story about team Rory.

Has to be an odd feeling - winning a tournament and then realizing that you have to give the winning purse to the bloke you just beat, particularly when its £1.2m

He is probably as Amateur as a US College NFL player. No winnings, but scholarships, allowances for everything etc

So. Here’s the deal.
LIV fire Greg, Keith Pelley is going anyway.
Appoint Phil & his ex PGA buddy Nick Tarratt to run DP WTC cut a deal to bring LIV & Asian Tour into a Golfing pyramid - LIV as an IPL Seasonal special Asia Tour Top 10 get promotion just like DPWTC to PGA and take the Saudi money.

It isn’t going away, better to take it off them so they run out faster

Share Message - LIV Golf: Rory McIlroy says players returning to PGA Tour should not be punished

Poor little Rory

Has come across as a total whopper over LIV

All he needs to do now is to take some of the thirty pieces of silver on offer and he will have out done Jordan Henderson in the hypocrisy stakes

A deal is coming
Or a split with DP WTC going to join the Asian Tour & become global (which means LIV get in via back door
Monyahan has bet the farm on Fenway Sports these people joining LIV and open mike comments show maybe thats’ not what the players want

And there it is


$1.5bn equity fund for loyal PGA Tour players

How about paying the travel expenses of the world class volunteers then?

Well, this could have backfired…
Mark Hubbard is OWGR 98 but Fed Ex 64th last year to qualify for Pebble Beach


Sand Angels in a bunker!!!


It’s a fun event to watch.
Scheffler had a 15 foot putt for birdie sent it 30 feet into a bunker.
Then that 16th.

Downside is that previous mashed potato clowns were quite restrained vs the current pick up truck brigades of redneck yoof.

Not sure how much longer it will survive, whic is sad, 200,000 spectators and $14 MILLION a year to charity.

Sad the weather meant it over ran and I and most others were in Superbowl mode




Watching Tiger play competitive golf - Genesis Open

Tiger crocked again. Left course in a buggy.

Apparently taken ill not physical related.
Annoying was going to watch him