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No it was Teresa May. My actual score was 157. But Teresa informed me that the defecit between the course par score (69) and my actual score (157) was the important number, the total number of shots is not important and should not be volunteered to the public. Therefore my score was 88 and my handicap is being reduced year on year, and at this rate my handicap should be at zero by the mid 2020’s. Didn’t quite make sense to me but that’s what she has promised me anyway.


Anyway I suspect your score was only above 90 because of immigrants and the state that the course was left in by the terrorist-hugging Labour Party.

The opportunities that a strong Britain will offer your game without those meddling Eurocrats adding on putts, should see you take back control of your clubs and lead yourself into a strong and stable bunker-free future.


Not quite sure WTF is going on this week but just got back from Chilworth having shot a round of 84! If I can figure out what I’m doing differently I’ll let you know.


Less work more golf?


That’s great for nine holes @gavstar

Are you ready for the 18 yet?


There’s 18 holes?


I’m sure there are more if you go to the right clubs - ask da Goat, he knows about that sort of thing.


Just keep your wits about you gavstar.



Anyone else noticed that since I posted those golf tips, Gavstars’ scores have improved dramatically?


I hadn’t seen those Phil, but erm, post some more tips anyway…


Don’t stand too close to the ball.

After you’ve hit it.



Found it!

Top tip to reduce your score.

Play on a Par 69 course not a Par 72




Love this


Couple of good tweets in bound.

This one is simply meh interesting until you open the comments Epic Fail



Then this one from Poulter - while you all watch the GP, he’s playing in the final round of the Scottish Open with???

Callum tied for the lead


This was good work by my media mates - obviously not Sibley level. But did you know one of the Big Guns in the Media team is Gordon Simpson?

And we have our own Gordon Simpson in our media team (about 30+ years age difference though!


The Open.

Royal Birkdale.


Gllad to see the bin dippers keeping stereotypes going.

Defending Open champion Henrik Stenson’s rental home was burgled as he played his first round at Royal Birkdale on Thursday.

The Swede said valuable personal items and all of his clothing were taken, but added that the Claret Jug, awarded to the winner of The Open, had already been returned to the R&A on Monday.

“I am extremely grateful my family were not in the house,” said Stenson, 41.

“I am going to try not to let this spoil the week in any way.”

Merseyside Police are investigating a burglary in Formby, less than seven miles from Royal Birkdale.

Police believe the incident occurred between midday and 14:25 BST and cash, cards, electrical items, clothes and watches were stolen.

An R&A spokesperson said: “We were very sorry to hear about the burglary and have offered any assistance we can provide to Henrik and his family.”




I’d be happy to get 2 GIRs in one round, jammy sod.



As with life, closest I’ve ever been was 2 inches out…

Always those 2 inches isn’t it. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile nice to see Tiger was taking our advice and his Toxicology test proved it… :lou_lol: