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Don’t be the jealous guy, @cobham-saint


Tiger looks like a normal bloke after a heavy night out in those mugshots. Trouble is, from his statement, post arrest, he still thinks he’s some kind of role model! He needs to embrace being the boozed up lothario we suspect he is and not try to fight it with presenting a pristeen image of a wholesome chap.


If Tiger’s life was a round of golf, he shot eight under par on the first nine.

But he’s now somewhere in the trees on the 14th, madly hacking about in undergrowth and down to his last ball.


Always looked like that after his trips down to see me…

:lou_sunglasses: :lou_eyes_to_sky:



Watching Puel led Saints in the last few games of the season be like…

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Some randoms. Make of the pieces what you will.



I played golf the other day. What drugs do I need to take/stop taking if I keep slicing my Driver?


Do you play Left or Right handed?

Normally a Slice is all about your Grip, maybe less of the coke based de-sensitising lube and a grasp a bit tighter?

Now if you were hooking, that would mean cut back on the fake viagra


I’m a Righty. I tend to grip my club like I’m holding my penis you know, so maybe that is it. I will try hold it tighter, like I’m strangling a chicken.


Yeah and try and lay it in the second knuckle rather than in the palm. Once you get that right you can work on breaking your wrists in the moment of contact. going to improve your distance no end

And check you are making a proper V shape between Thumb and Forefinger


This is fake surely???

C’mon, it’s not Tiger, it’s one of our krew at Glasto last year…

Tiger - the Movie


That’s it mate…you have to use more than two fingers.


I went down driving range last night and I was hitting much more straight @dubai_phil


See, being straight is so much more rewarding.

Deffo worth the effort


That’s what Margaret Court says.


Only took 4 months! Went round Chilworth in 88 today :lou_lol:


This is the shit that happens when you join the private sector.




88 you say…was Diane Abbott sorting out your scorecard?