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Love this pic from my pals at Gerry


Got my best score ever of 91 yesterday at Chilworth, I’m getting closer to breaking 90, should only take about another 3 years by my reckoning.


Once upon a time I shot 88 at Upavon. Then on my way to a conference stopped with a mate in Florida & played a 9 hole course. On the last Tee box he grabbed me by the neck, shook me & shouted “what have you done with Phil?” He then told me I’d par’d the 1st 8 holes. I hooked my drive & bogeyed the last to shoot 37. It wasn’t a par 3 course either plus I had to contend with an Alligator in the line of a putt!

I haven’t broken 100 since ANYWHERE!


I went to the driving range, jeez I need help with my swing, I was topping the ball, so extending during my swing and pulling my shots, so my grip and angle of the club is right off. Need to go back to basics and get my shape right again. (V Kev, keep the V).


This one?


I’ve learnt alot from watching these two Kev

Me and my golf.


It’s time!

Still 16 months away but the process to register for tickets to the next Ryder Cup in Paris has started.

Me? The hole reason I do all the voluntary stuff is aimed at “Being the Best I can Be” and getting to actually work at the gig, but still thought I’d post this up.

Register now!



“Hole reason”???

Get a grip! (Geddit?)



Was getting worried I’d wasted a really old bad joke.



Not everyone loves golf, but hurtling towards us faster than you can say TORNADO WARNING! comes the 2017 Masters Tournament.

And THIS more than any other seems to be the most enjoyed - unlike the other 3 “Majors” The Masters is always a the same course and it always appears beautiful on TV, always has olde world courtesy - Patrons not Spectators, and always the same in-fill music an shots of Azaleas. Heck, there is even a reduction in the number of oiks shouting Mashed Potato…

11 Englishmen in the field this year with the emergence of so many “Academy Graduates” and most of us Golf types think you’d be an utter moron to bet on Danny Willett (who we think has enjoyed the Celeb Life a bit too much)

Expect another solid showing from Westwood, Fleetwood or Hatton could threaten but as no Rookie has won in about a zillion years …

Is Spieth a busted flush, has Dustin’s nasal issues cleared up enough to focus? Justin’s Allergies? Will Rory leave his agricultural hoicks at home? Will Jason stop worrying about Mom? and with Sergio finally banging the same girl every day instead of being Claude Puel will he finally actually make the cut/threaten? Don’t bother with Kaymer he can only hit the ball left to right and Augusta needs a fade as well.

My fantasy team Hatton, McIlroy, Jon Rahm, Stenson, Justin with Westwood as Captain.

But then I’m in a glorious 7,626th place in the fantasy race to Dubai

Anyway some snippets.


Strict broadcasting rules in place at Augusta, imposed by the club itself, prevent every ball from being broadcast live across the globe.

Over the first two days, live coverage in the UK begins at 8pm, despite the first group going out shortly after 1pm.

It may seem surprising in 2017 but Augusta has always been sceptical of the cameras. It was not until 2002 that they allowed all 18 holes of the leaders to be shown on a Sunday.

The concern is that television cameras broadcasting everything live would stop people attending as spectators.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/golf/article-4378602/Sportsmail-explains-stories-Augusta-traditions.html#ixzz4dHeTofSz


Hey Phil, I bet you have a few great golfing anecdotes :laughing: That time you met the famous golf dude in Dubai :cool: etc.


Sorry Phil, was a bit sarcastic there … :lou_eyes_to_sky: Apologies



maybe the golf stories were posted on a link in the April Fool thread. Or maybe it was an April fool tale.

Or maybe saying it was April Fool was how they could say that.

Maybe or whatever.

Anyway the Masters usually gets its own thread each year and everyone moans about missing lots of tv coverage


Not good…

Par 3 day today - always a bit of fun and frolics - Celeb Caddies, Golden Oldies and lots of kids.

But the weather in that part of the US is not good, hopefully not going to be like this all weekend




One of the great moments in the sporting year as the Legends hit the first Tee shot at Augusta. Whole tribute to the Late Great Arnold Palmer sees Jack Nicklaud hitting his Tee Shot while crying his eyes out.

What an emotional moment that all was wow.


Most of you have seen this I am sure, but great work by the Digital Media Crew at Wentworth as ever


My ITK golf buddies have just informed me thatTiger Woods has been arrested for drink driving.


I’m starting to see the appeal D_P:


The BBC Sport webpages