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Just so you are aware, it won’t take place for 19 months or so but Paris 2018 is starting to wind up into action. Getting Tickets for a U2 gig is easier than getting them for the RC but it does help if you pre-register (IF you cannot blag a Corporate)

http://www.rydercup.com/news-media/europe/tickets-and-hospitality-france-2018 (Click the relevant link)

While we are on the subject, there are actually a group of Saints Fans (besides me) who have worked at Tournaments as Volunteers - the boys are all retured and RyanAir across Europe for weekends to some of the most Picturesque events (at their own cost)


At the end of the day a Ticket is about 500 quid. Volunteering you work half a day watch golf half a day and only pay for your travel/accomodation

There was of course a Saints Shirt on the 18th Green in the middle of that celebration back in 2014. Working damned hard to make sure it is there again next year


Latest from the nutcase Media Team #theawkwardreporter

Think Sky should try this for footie


Check out @EuropeanTour’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/EuropeanTour/status/822444087466803200?s=09


Bernard. What a truly lovely man. 78 years young, the Desert Classic week after next will be his last.

What this story doesn’t say is that each year, the players give him signed “stuff” that he then auctions for Charity for a Childress Hospice up near his home of Sheffield. Some of the boys have gone along to add support and to date he’s raised over £169,000.

As part of my duties at DP World I’ve had to take on the Mantle of 1st Tee meeter greeter & comedy act, but would never dream of trying to emulate him, and his knowledge of the names of the wives kids girlfriends (& boyfriends) of every player.

So nice that his story is being told. And fark me, this tells me that this is MY 20th year.

Bernard Dowling - a Happy Golf Story


For Dubai Phil

I’ve just had an affable evening with Gary Christian’s bro Lee in a bar in the City, talking about Gary’s start in the “industry” but also about a few guys who didn’t get that far, but had the ability but not the balls to take the risk. One of which I know who is doing very well in the City…earning very well, but not the megabucks.

I can’t play golf btw.


Golf is such a tough sport. Every week there are 140+ losers.

As a career it is often about being an average loser.

As we saw so vividly here last week it is also as much about mental strength as ability - Tiger’s face was etched with fear from the moment he arrived so his brain worried about his back not his golf.

For someone starting up they need sales ability & personality to talk those first few sponsors in to backing them, maybe 1 in a 1000 have a purple patch st the right time to get through the locals & to Q school.

By nature most golfers are very personable and fun to talk with. Their lives are hotel plane hotel and they need to talk to mere mortals like us.

Had a fantastic week down here. Tigergate & hurricane but we will never forget Sergio playing in pitch darkness. Great fun


Rory Mcllroy plays a round of golf with President Trump, before the Mexico Championships… was no interested in trying to drum up support then!

Bit of a no win situation, as Rory is getting slaughtered for playing a round with him. Was he supposed to say no to Trump for an offer of a round… how would that have panned out for him.

You are dammed if you do…


This anti- trump hysteria is getting a little bit silly. yes he is a douche bag, yes he says shite that I disagree withand in some cases I find reprehensibile, but I am not going sit there wringing my hands and wailing every time someone famous has an interaction with him.


Those hammering Rory should look at how the left fought to link sport & politics back in the days of Apartheid.

It was a round of golf ffs. Trump the man is an important figure in golf with his global investments Doral Turnberry Dubai etc.

Imagine the outrage if Rory said no to an invite from a sitting US President.


Come on @dubai_phil give us the low down on these new rules will it make it a better game and have they got one to shut

"Get it in the hole " up


I have a happy tale. I have never wasted 000’s of £’s or hours on golf :lou_lol:

sorry D_P


Hitting the ball twice may not incur a penalty stroke - that’ll halve my scores.

Hitting yourself in the face with the ball now only incurs a penalty of rofl’s from yourplaying partners

You could lay down to inspect where to drop your ball from 1 inch taking 20 minutes about it

My golf will be about 18 x 2 minutes quicker not looking for my balls

Sorry Americansatent banned so in day hole is around

There is a lot more change coming. I’m actually irk on some of it - using camera phones on course. 2nd rate web site upgrades funky formats like 6 a side.

Huge effort by everyone to “improve spectator engagement” may even change things like the cut. Toning down over officious marshals and actually giving information not orders - it was trialled at DP World last Novemberworked a treat just need practice on getting the crowds pointing out dickhead in da hole morons


I’m starting up my golf days again on Monday. The father-in-law has moved up from Hertfordshire to Cumbria just last week, so he has twisted my arm. Going to have a block of 6 lessons as well to boot!


I too will be digging the clubs out of the garage after my winter break, week off next week to get a few rounds in :lou_smiley:


I’ll be on the course too:


Pretty cumbersome looking rangefinder there @goatboy , and it seems to be attached to a semi-automatic rifle. Is it PGA approved?


Hole in one every time.


Could I at this time heartily recommend a course of 8 lessons at The Southampton Municipal. The course is run by Municipal’s resident professional Fred Bowdry at a cost of 8 lessons for 8 shillings.

Of course I’m not sure if prices have remained the same since I took advantage of the scheme or if Fred himself is still with us.


I’ll send them a telegram and find out if the offer is still available.



If the telegram doesn’t raise him you might try a Ouija Board.