⚽ 📰 The Football News Thread

Thought I’d start a thread for the wider world of football news.

To start with, Sakho wins big settlement from the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Gary Monk sacked by Sheff Wed.

Bloody harsh. Hope they get relegated.

It’s “Garry”.

Rumour has it that like me, they were never comfortable with that spelling.


Was gonna say Clarke is a Dinosaur who needs to join Keys & Gray in exile.
But that is probably too tame.
He’s just a cvnt

Don’t get the newfound obsession with “coloured”. Don’t see the difference between that and “people of colour”, which is fine and dandy in this day and age.

Old timers will tell you they used the word “coloured” because they thought it was less offensive than “black”.

The term was apparently offensive because all humans are technically coloured. Whites aren’t white. We’re various shades of pink and brown.

I don’t see how “people of colour” swerves that. At all. And if “people of colour” isn’t offensive, why is “coloured”?


Is there any terms that you are allowed to use to describe a persons ethnicity that are not offensive to somebody on the planet?

Nb I Am not white any more I am Caucasian and that is because that is what I have to enter on various official forms and websites.

In ten years time you will be castigated for using the phrase “people of colour”

I was reading somewhere recently that “BAME” is considered offensive

In general use I’d agree. But using the correct language is something that people in public positions MUST use.

Equally, his stereotyping of Asians, followed by Homophobic comments were awful.
Then to say Girls dont like footballs kicked hard at them is simply astonishing.

I think it’s more conceptually offensive than anything else, because it effectively boils down to whitey and everyone else.

But then, doesn’t that apply to “people of colour” just as applicably?

Does that not mean everybody?

Asking for an Asian friend.

Well, BAME effectively means everyone else.

Yes and I never said it didnt but I also thought it meant Black And Middle east. Who makes thes acronyms and dont tell you what they mean ?

Greg Clarke has resigned.

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Being gay is a lifestyle choice… seriously?

Jesus that was worse than the local Catholic mafia here

I thought that too.

Think ME stands for multi-ethnic.

Minority Ethnic…


Still basically means the same thing.

I don’t know why such broad generalisations are necessary if I’m entirely honest. It doesn’t require that much effort to find out where people are from.