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Steve Smith caught “cheating” again!!

That is just Aussie SOP.
Its been bred into them since the Tolpuddle people arrived down there.


India have no Bumrah, Ashwin or Adeja on top of all the earlier absentees. Lose toss at Brisbane.

Warner brilliantly caught in slips off 6th ball. 4-1.


Australia finish the first day on 274-5.

Labuschagne 108, he was dropped twice by India, once on 30 and once on 48

Epic response by the State Premier.

And Bernard Tomics’ Girlfriend. Dude she may have great tits but she’s is a seriously self entitled *tch. Get rid man
(After quarantine obv)

“I don’t wash me own hair, I’ve never washed my own hair, it’s not something I do” :lou_facepalm_2: :lou_facepalm_2:

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Just watching some of the indoor athletics, and I am wondering why in this age of technology why longjumpers are still restricted by a bit of plasticine on the ground, which can lose them valuable cm on a perfectly good jump. Surely these days they could just measure the jump from where they take off?

it is also about every body taking off from the same point for fairness the technique to run up and be in the right place for the jump from the board.
they could do away with the plasticine and put a laser in which evaporates the toes I suppose.

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I may have been a bit disrespectful with a quip about a bloke falling off a mountain & this place going nuts

Yes, Pavel fell off, BUT he became THE actual World Champion clearly I need to brush up on my mountain falling stuff.

Also, he is like really OLD ( hope for @lifeintheslowlane yet) plus he was like the bloke that was there to make up the numbers.

Clearly this is “A VERY BIG THING” and the falling team and the Nation are seriously hung over today.


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Katherine Diaz: Tributes paid to surfer killed by lightning -

Why was she surfing if there was a thunderstorm ?

Even if it was not there when she first went out she should have seen it coming.

I don’t know, it doesn’t really say in the article…

You will recall falling off mountains is popular here…
Unfortunately a Norwegian took that literally & is in a medically induced coma. He broke a rib which punctured his lungs.

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It’s a long way down when you are bouncing