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Eubanks was awful. It was embarrassing to watch. I’m not sure he’ll ever amount to much as he lacks the basics and isn’t a huge puncher. His fitness is fantastic and he seems to have a decent enough chin but apart from that I’ve never seen much to suggest he’s world class. Groves is decent but he’s far from great. It’s just a shame that Eubanks Sr seems to be reliving his glory years through his son.


GGG vs CANELO rematch due in May. However Canelo fails a drug test for a steroid ‘believed’ to come from tainted meat in his native Mexico. Lol. I’ve eaten burgers from Gosport and a van on Portsdown Hill and I’ve never gained any muscle mass from those.

Bradley Wiggins unavailable for comment.


Canelo and Wiggins both guilty as sin as far as I’m concerned. Rematch is going ahead as planned though apparantley.

Eubank was embarrasingly bad, and is at a real crossroads now. Perhaps not good enough for World level?

Wilder showed he can dig deep against Ortiz, but more evidence that he shouldn’t trouble AJ for me. Too much wildness in his style and could easily have been stopped.

Kell Brook looked good. Got to be looking for that Khan fight now. It’s now or never!


Scott Quigg has blown his World Title opportinity by weighing 2 lbs over the weight limit.

So bizarre. Moves to the US, takes on Freddie Roach as trainer to chase his world title dream, then doesn’t hit the weight limit?

Personally I’m of the opinion that there should be a suspension of sorts in these situations.



AJ v Parker is upon us.

Whyte’s win over Brown was impressive, so I’m thinking we might see Wilder v Whyte or AJ v Whyte 2 next. Although for me, as long as AJ deals with Parker it should be AJ v Wilder next. Then the winner of that to fight Tyson Fury.

Heayweight boxing has an embarrasment of riches at the moment. Let’s hope promoters/greed doesn’t rob us of some epic fights!


True. Heavyweight boxing has certainly got a lot more interesting. That said compare it to the 1970’s era and the current bunch look distinctly average.


Remember this fight? Awesome.


One of the best of all time.


I remember it well. As a Calzaghe fan I was really worried beforehand as Lacy had been built up as a Tysonesque monster.

Calzaghe absolutely schooled him. One of the best performances I’ve seen.


Schooled him is the only term for it. Watched it with an ex boxer and neither of us could believe the difference in class. Definitely one that will always stay in the memory.




Anyone watching the boxing?

Emmanuel Rodriguez is a very good boxer. Well worth watching.


Nope, forgot after a day on the sauce and couldn’t be arsed putting the readies down when it had already started. Bellew comprehensively victorious, I understand.

Of course, boxing experts like myself know that Tony Bellew isn’t his real name, and is in fact “Pretty” Ricky Conlon, newly absconded from jail, and fighting under an assumed name following his narrow victory against Adonis Creed.

How the boxing and custodial authorities have never put 2 + 2 together, I’ll never know. They look exactly the same.





Billy Joe yesterday faked an injury to cancel the Murray fight. Less then 24 hours later he has agreed to fight GGG in the O2. Stitch up for Murray who has now completed 2 training camps and has nothing to show for it.


Out of order that. Should pay for his camp out of his purse.