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You may well be right, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt on his record. I think he’ll be on the back foot and try and survive, if he comes foreward like he has done in previous fights then surely he knows that will only end one way. Is he that over confident/stupid?



The irony is, I only needed Wankglove to complete the collection in 1988!


Usyk v Briedis tonight in Riga.

I’m hoping being in another ex Soviet country right now I might be able to catch this on TV.

Usyk wins this torunament and then moves up to Heavyweight for me. Big talent who could be a multi-weight world champion!


I am pretty sure you can watch it for free online on@itv box office.


Unfortunatley the internet here is the speed of Donald Trump skiing uphill so I’ve got little to no chance of an online stream. I do have a Russian language boxing channel on the TV though, so I’m hoping (and stupidly asssuming) that they are showing it.


Didn’t get to watch in the end. I stupidly thought that seeing as Latvia and Turkmenistan are both former members of the Soviet Union, the timezones couldn’t be too different. Turns out it was quite a big place.

Reading the reports this morning, it looks like it was a lot closer than anyone anticipated, with one judge scoring it a draw. Perhaps some home bias involved, but certainly not the convincing win everyone was expecting of Usyk.


Quite a few scored it against usyk it seems. Apparently very close fight. I had no idea that it was on TV over here.


GGG v Canelo rematch announced for 5th May

Hopefully GGG will get some justice here. Can’t see either getting a KO though, and could Canelo be canny enought to come with a different gameplan?

Amir Khan comeback against Phil Le Greco set for 21st April

Starightforward return for Khan? Lo Greco has 3 defeats on his record, two unsurprising ones in Shawn Porter and Errol Spence Jr but the 3rd and most recent to Joseph Elegele. Only been KO’d once.


Amir Khan got his comeuppance for putting rumours about his wife and Anthony Joshua on social media. Lo Greco mentioned it in their press conference yesterday and Khan was more than a little agitated!

Everyone likes a bit of handbags in the buildup to a fight, and Lo Greco is certainly going to play his part in that respect!


I watched the replay of the fight, and in my opinion it was the correct result. Usyk was far from convincing but did catch Breidis with some decent shots while never really looking troubled.


Don’t know anything about this Lo Greco chap but if he can bang the Khan could be in trouble. He’s better when he uses his brain and boxes but is way too prone to getting involved in tear ups which with his chin ain’t the best idea.

Always feel khan wasted his talent/career a bit. Not sure he’s as dedicated as he could be etc. Is he still with Virgil Hunter? Someone like Adam Booth would be a good choice.


I agree, I think Khan believed his own hype as a young man and that has hampered him. He still seems quite arrogant now (insisting Kell Brook isn’t a big fight for him etc.) and I do think Lo Greco is a banana skin.

Based on his record he’s no mug has got under Khan’s skin. Khan is in danger of losing his cool and walking on to shots, and we know how tha ends for Amir…


Groves v Eubank. Could be an early contender for British fight of the year. Looking forward to this.


Who you going for @thecholulakid

I reckon Eubank stoppage 8-10, but Groves can fight smart, so has a chance.


Eubank comes up short again.


Prince Naseem talked the truth about Eubank Jnr tonight. Not good enough.


Barry Mcguigan talks some major sense too.


I got it, 12 and Groves being too ring smart and distant, his jab is too strong for the lighter man,.


That was comedy on Sat night, easy money. Everyone with a casual interest in boxing fell for all the Eubank crap making some great odds for those like me who put their money on the bigger, far more skilled boxer. Eubank is great at throwing 120 punches at a static target like a punch bag or Auther Abraham but the two boxers he has come up against that can move a little, he has come up well short. He is a half decent but limited European/fringe world level boxer. His dad knows that (as he was the same or slightly better) and make a good choice ducking out of the GGG fight. The biggest mistake he has ever made was walking out of Adam booth’s gym 2 years ago. If he has been humble and listened to a real coach like that, he might have been a proper contender.