🥊 The Boxing Thread

:boxing_glove: The Boxing Thread



Konk is a friend of mine. Can I nominate him to take up the missing 25%? Could do with an ally.



:crown: WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO
:balance_scale:️ Cruiserweight UNDISPUTED
:calendar: July 21st
:round_pushpin: Olympic Arena, Moscow :ru:

Scroll back on this thread, people said I was making up the names. Barry said Bellew the best cruiser weight on the planet :grinning:. This one should be excellent.


Yeah, like you have friends.


We are delighted to announce that Super Lightweight sensation @JoshTaylorBoxer will be competing in the @WBSuperSeries :facepunch:t2::tornado:



Fury’s second comeback fight on BT now. Frampton coming up after.


Fury went the distance against a journeyman heavyweight. Fitness looked good, looked quick and slick but shit at hitting and hurting.

Fury versus Wilder is now confirmed.


He was super. He fought like an animal. He was a super Fury animal.


Oh Fats :grinning:


Carl Frampton stopped Luke Jackson in an excellent fight. Great performance. Jackson was pretty beaten up at the end but a body shot put him down.


It’s just legalised fighting . I reckon both parties should be forced to drink a bottle of shit spirits before the bouts - we could then have different categories

1 on 1 pissed blokes in the street

3 on 1 assaults

Cricketers vs Footballers

Or sadly The 'domestic ‘belt’ ’ where big pissed up blokes get to beat up fragile vulnerable women

Sorry, I know many love boxing but I do find it an outdated ‘Sport’ - it’s kept going as it’s Governed by big business and gambling and huge revenues but I have never felt comfortable with watching blokes smack each other about. Wrong message in this day and age…



Link, to a dodgy stream …


Not working now :slightly_frowning_face:


Joshua wins the first round


Round 2 to Povetkin


Joshua needs to step back and start using his jab


Do you have a link for cheapskates :smiley:


Nope its on the telly in the Philippines


Sky have shut down all links