🥊 The Boxing Thread

Not sure if anyone else is a boxing fan but there are some really decent fights coming up in the next few weeks and months.

This Saturday you have Callum Smith v Rocky Fielding for the British Super-Middleweight Title. Super middle is a good weight to get a decent fight out of. Both fighters are big enough to throw knockout punches but not so big they just stand around hugging each other. Both of these fighters are undefeated with a good knockout percentage. It’s on Skysports 1 this Saturday and should be a decent watch.

Two weeks later on 21st Nov you have Darleys Perez v Anthony Crolla for the WBA Lightweight Title. This is a rematch as the last fight went to a draw with most people (including myself) thinking Crolla was robbed.

The following week (on PPV this time) you have the Klitschko V Fury : Heavyweight Title fight which should be entertaining. Followed by DeGale V Brute on Skysports 1 in the middle of the night.

In December (12th) it’s Anthony Joshua V Dillian Whyte and Spike O’Sullivan V Chris Eubank Jr. Both fights should be really interesting with this being Joshua’s first real test. I am thinking about putting a few quid on Whyte, not because I am sure he is going to win but because I think he has a decent chance and most of the money will be pumped on Joshua so I should get decent odds. Then at the beginning of next year we get to find out who the undisputed king of the skinny midgets in the UK is when Quigg and Frampton fight. A lot of decent fights coming up. Anyone else into boxing, have an opinion on these fights?

looking forward to the Klitschko V Fury one

Can you see Fury winning?

Can you keep your thoughts on brutal, neolithic activities to one thread please?

I can’t promise anything.

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Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

Can you see Fury winning?

Nope. Shame as he seems quite a character, but I think this will be a formality for Klitschko based on my years of experience of warching 1 or 2 fights a year.

A long video but pretty interesting if you are into boxing.

Cheers Tokes. Enjoyed that.

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One of my favourite boxing memories from relatively recent times:

But my favourite boxing memories are sitting in front of the radio with my Dad, who was a big boxing fan, being absolutely gripped by commentaries of fights featuring the likes of Henry Cooper, Brian London and, of course, Cassius Clay/ Mohammed Ali, Joe Frasier etc


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Loved all the Eubank/Benn era.

When Eubank picked himself up and knocked down Watson it was the most amazing comeback.

Sadly it turned into one of the most tarnished memories of sport.

I’ve been watching old fights on Kodi. I don’t know how a lot of them actually ended before I start watching them, which is something of a bonus. I’ve seen quite a few of the Ali fights, caught Sugar Ray Leonard vs Hagler. I used to mock the Rocky films for not having a realistic depiction of boxing (nearly every punch lands :smiley: ) but after having seen some of the fights from the 70s, particularly Foreman vs Ali, I tend to cut them a little more slack.

I too tend to gorge on Boxing via Youtube. Recently watched all the Tyson fights (even the ridiculously early ones) and I am a sucker for all the old Ali/Haggler/Leonard era fights. This usually leads on to me watching two Haitian tramps beating each other senseless. Or teenage American girls ripping each others hair out in clumps. The joys of the internet.

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Nigel Benn’s reputation was enormously diminished by those dumb Eubank fights. Benn was sensational - his wins, against the odds, against the likes of Doug DeWitt, Iran Barkley, Gerald McClelland, were world beating. Why on earth he got caught up daft domestic rivalries against opposition that were nowhere in his league, is baffling. And now he gets remembered for those Eubank fights rather than being one of the most talented world class fighters of his generation. Criminal!

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The fight above would suggest Eubank was up there and then some compared with those fighters.

No, he just wasn’t. Not in the same league. He just had a number on Benn.


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Eubank did him good and proper - Benn couldn’t even dislodge his monocle.

He may be nuts, annoying and a dangerous driver, but Eubank’s record as a fighter shouldn’t be diminished by the eccentric hype.

For a time he was tha man.

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I’m no doubt in a big minority here but I abhor boxing. Any sport where you have to cause brain concussion to your opponent and render him unconcious is scored as a win. I have filmed boxing close up as a cameraman, it’s brutal. Only the top boxers make money and they are aware it’s a trade off between earning lifetime changing money and permanant brain injury.

In essence, Ted, there is no more noble sport.

Nowhere to hide, no one to blame, just you and an opponent. Most amateur bouts I see end in an embrace or at least an acknowledgement of two-way respect.

Perhaps your issue is more with Professional Boxing than the sport itself?

After all, I could say that I abhor football because the participants get paid millions to attempt to get their fellow professionals sent-off by feigning injury.

You might point to the game that is played on Hackney Marshes, and tell me that it is the real game.

Likewise, I might point to an inner-city gym and how kids learn respect for rules and try to physically best their opponents - all the while increasing their self-esteem, getting themselves fit, learning how to win graciously and lose gracefully, and all whilst ‘protected’ by padded headgear and big gloves.

I do understand the point you’re making, and to a degree I agree, but young kids will take their aggression and lack of self-esteem to the streets if they don’t have an outlet.

Boxing, in its purest form provides that.