🥊 The Boxing Thread

:boxing_glove: The Boxing Thread


As the site’s resident boxing expert, I am pleased to confirm that Tyson Fury will return to the ring.

His first bout will be against Thunderlips.


Great to see a reasonably well populated thread dedicated to the Sweet Science. Without doubt my second favourite sport and I still get the gloves on occasionally (most mornings when I am at home).

I was watching the press conference today between Billy Joe Saunder and Martin Murray and have to say, it feels a little unfair that BJS is having to fight someone like Murray. As durable and tough as Murray is, he’s hardly the same level.

BJS should be wih the elite and I hope he will get the winner of Canelo & GGG. For the record, I think he beats Canelo.

Just for fun/interest, these are my favourite boxers of all time:-

  1. Joe Calzaghe

  2. Lennox Lewis

  3. Chris Eubank Sr

Boxers I love to watch at the moment:-

Vasily Lomachenko

Chris Eubank Jr

Anthony Joshua

Olexsander Usyk


Carl Frampton


Nice choices @gwc

I would take Benn over Eubank snr. His early career was such explosive boxing and the demolition of Gerald McClellan was almost as sweet as Calzaghe doing a number on Jeff Lacy.

Think we are quite spoilt at the moment.


Poor Mrs Weah’s Cousin :lou_sad:


She’s ok.

He wears a couple of wank gloves (offshore edition)


Holy mother of he that can’t be named, such a thing exists? What kind of warped perverted mind could design such a thing and where would you get one? (Asking for a friend)


It’s a handie.

Thought everyone had one.


Hang on a mo’ isn’t a “handie” the German vernacular for a mobile phone?

Could lead to all sorts of jolly misunderstandings if in Germany and someone asks to see /use your handie…


It is indeed Cobs, guess that’s what they call phone sex?


What will they think of next?

Certainly an upgrade on my Branston jar full of warm liver.


Depend on whose liver I guess :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The reason for the van and cable ties etc becomes ever clearer…


How brave do you think I am?


Does anyone remember the late 80’s toy Muscle Men?


No, do you bring them to mind when you ‘wear the gloves’?


Joshua vs Parker will be contested using wank gloves. Everlast are believed to have made a pair that can handle stiff punishment.


Do you think it will be ‘contested’ at all. Parker is durable but I don’t see any other result than him being stopped on his feet in the middle rounds.


Yep. Don’t rate parker much at all. Hopefully AJ will come in much lighter so stamina won’t be so much of an issue. It amuses me that everyone goes on about Joshua having a glass jaw. Despite being exhausted and taking a punch from Wlad that would floor/stop most, he got up, regrouped and found a way to win.

If he can improve his defence I can see him going unbeaten for a long time. I also see him stopping fury who seems to have become greater in the years he wasn’t fighting. I remember him being put down by a cruiserweight.


Very generous to Parker. I was thinking out cold on the canvas in 3, possibly only 2.


I do think a peak Tyson Fury causes AJ problems, would he beat him? I don’t know, but I don’t think AJ would have an easy night of it.

I don’t see anything in Wilder to worry AJ, he swings wildly and leaves plenty of gaps to be exposed. There also plenty of tales of his glass jaw too, famously he was knocked out by Wladimir in sparring. I get the feeling that Eddie Hearn and AJ decided to take Parker’s belt before having the ultimate unification with WIlder.