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Pictures of Haye’s achilles injury, don’t look if of a delicate disposition


I went out to a fight last night. White collar boxing. My mate @bigtom was on the ticket, and he’s always good enough to attend my functions, so the missus and I went down. Because we were with a fighter, we were proper ringside. We had booths with an unrestricted view into the action.

A good night. Tom’s original opponent pulled out, so he ended up fighting someone that normally does MMA. The contest ended in a draw. Fair play to the mush. I’ve never seen him fitter, and for the unofficial status and all that, everyone else on the bill looked solid too. There weren’t any fat lads. The refereeing was decent as well. He tried to keep fights going if they could, but stopped them immediately if they were going one way.

In other news, I see that Bellew and Eubank Jr are Twitter-beefing. Arf.


Manny Pacquiao v Jeff Horn has been re-scored by the WBO after the “controversial” decision the other day


Sat night’s fight on ch5 was the best I have seen in a long time.


He’s gonna get beat, but top entertainment.




Joshua wins! He punched the smaller dude enough until his brain stopped functioning :laughing:


…is one way of looking at it😉

Another would be that it was a slightly premature stoppage by the ref. Takam in my humble opinion didn’t look that close to his brain stopping functioning at that exact point. That said he had no real chance of winning despite a very credible performance. It certainly showed that Joshua still has a fair bit to improve on which after only 20 fights you’d expect.


Interesting, Bristol. You decry the violence of the sport yet make light of potential violence inflicted.


Don’t you just hate hypocrites Pap?


It was a flippant comment, made on the spur of the moment.


Lighten up, really no wonder no one posts here anymore


I like this site, I post deliberate contrary stuff to keep the conversation going :laughing:


Sorry Bristols, I think that one went over your head. I was not having a go at you, just a polite jab back at pap as he was calling you out for changing a view on something when he self-confesses to making it up as he goes along - i.e. change the rules to suit him.

I was ready to make amends with pap but the soviet thing is a piss take.


It’s what you make it, sir. From the outset, you’ve chosen to take the piss out of it, so I’m surprised you’re disappointed with the outcomes.

Find better sources of grievances, Tokyo. The world has plenty of inspiration.


I will take this off this thread pap to it’s own one or you can PM me but you know it is BS and this ‘it is what you make of it thing’ is even bigger BS, save it for your kids.


Oh my lordy


Truth in every word - efficient


There’s some boxer bloke in town this weekend. All the krew have got their knickkers in a twist and desperately searching for Benali stickers t photo bomb him.

Oh yeah that bloke in the tweet above.