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:boxing_glove: The Boxing Thread


Barry, I like this thread. Please go to another one and talk about the EU or something. I am asking nicely, please.


My theory is that Haye humiliated himself with the toe excuse against wlad, hence becoming stoic no excuse warrior of last night. Ironically hes enhanced his credibility by last night’s events. If he’d blasted bellew out in one round then he’d have been slated for picking easy opponent.

Imo Haye from 5 years back wins the fight easily. He should’ve come in at 15 stone as well.


@barry-sanchez is just pissed off because he read us saying Haye was going to destroy Bellew and believed it. Now he’s got to explain to his wife why the bills haven’t been paid, even though she gave him the money. Poor Barry.

Anyone else apart from @pap make money from that fight?

If not @pap is now the official boxing expert.


I made money on the undercard, does that count?


You and pap it is then. I would also have made money, except i ended up doing a 9 fold bet instead of separate. Think it had something to do with seeing odds of 1076/1

I am a bookies dream gambler :lou_facepalm_2:


Thanks for the long overdue recognition, @saint-or-sinner

In my expert view, Bellew triumphed because he had the eye of the tiger.


You’re the expert, so it must be true. Let me know next time you see it and i will put my life savings on it.

Oh to be the bookies dream. Wonder if they’ll help out when i’m broke and in the gutter?


@tokyo-saint The girl Taylor is fucking relentless. She’s going to destroy so many careers. Best part of the evening for me.


She is excellent. Problem with female fighters is the lack of depth in the divisions. You get some stars but they have no one to fight.


Haye didn’t need surgery so a rematch is best for everyone.


Apart from the paying public


I guarantee with hearn and skys ability to sell a product then a rematch will be held at a football stadium and sell out. They’ll need to get a bit of needle involved again but it’ll happen.


If you think the paying public don’t want it, you’re out of touch with boxing Saint.


I think @barry-sanchez that the paying public will be told that they want it and, like the sheep that they are, they will follow were Hearn leads.


I am it seems, as I found that a bit embarrassing, as a supposed boxing spectacle. Pub car park springs to mind.

I find myself hoping it was all staged to get a rematch, rather than a display of their boxing abilities.

Still, as mentioned, what do i know, if that’s considered top selling boxing. I’d rather pay to see the girl Taylor fight.


Most would, she is a cut above, she will be in the US soon and they’ll line her up with much better opponents I would imagine, if anything like the amateur field though she’ll clean through them in no time.
She is a very quiet and deeply religious person, very close to her dad, she is very marketable.


Yeah, can see her going through a few weight divisions, just to find opponents. Really stunning boxer. Good luck to her.


I listened to Sunday Supplement in podcast form. They were talking about the Zlatan/Mings aspect of the Manchester United vs Bournemouth clash more than any other aspect.

I immediately thought of this bout, because underlying both Sky productions, football and boxing, prioritise “drama” over sport.

Fair play, stories are much easier to communicate to the masses than dry statistics about pass or punch completion, but I can’t help feeling unnerved by some of the wider implications. How much do they want the drama? How far will they go to get it?


Never mind all that Pap, seeing as you had result with the bookies, any chance of a sub? :lou_lol:


In other boxing news, Eddie Hearn lost the purse bid for Callum Smith, meaning the promised big dream night at Anfield has gone and Smith will have to travel to America for the title fight.

Tyson Fury has been back in training and is due to fight again early May, probably on the Josh Warrington undercard. Some rumours that he won’t be trained by his uncle anymore, which could be a huge mistake if true.