🥊 The Boxing Thread

:boxing_glove: The Boxing Thread


I was just doing the trash talk like the big boy boxers do


Boxers know that they’ll suffer brain damage and offset that with the amount of money they can earn


Sorry but thats science :slight_frown:


bit boring etc soo


Like your momma


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I love your momma


Bollox, forgot about the boxing … good fight ??


What the fuck are you on about you fat inbred,he lost as he was injured you loose tub of lard.


Yes in a way, brave and entertaining, Haye career has gone but alas so has Bellew’s, he couldn’t put away a one legged cruiserweight…


Bellew showed heart and if you read his pre match interviews, he actually just admitted that he was looking for a good payday, for his family. No one gave him a chance, he was smart, and his trainer.


Some bright spark on the Guardian said that was the best battle between a scouser and a one-legged opponent since Paul McCartney and Heather Mills :laughing:

Bit of a silly fight really. Haye was fucked from the injury and from then on it was only a matter of time. Listening to interviews on TalkSport it sounds like Bellew is being a smug prick about it despite the injury costing Haye the fight.


It’s maybe wrong to laugh at Haye, hes now 36 and had major surgery on his right shouder. He was always a smaller knock out guy. He’s a busted flush now, he also spent the the last 12 months taunting Bellew, deliberately from Florida and California, on Jet Skis and with Celebs, definitely with purpose, to make Bellew look small time.


That was a shit fight. Not sure why it’s getting loads of plaudits. Both of them looked like overweight sluggers who couldn’t connect.


The more I see of boxing, the more it resembles male playground rules of resolution.

Y’see, forum ladies, boys don’t spend years bitching about something. Quick ruck outside the school gates, first one to cry loses the fight (our stoppage rules were much less bloody than the boxing), newfound respect between the chaps fighting, and no further re-occurrence of hostility.

This week, both the Liverpool/London bouts were pumped up to the point of armageddon. As soon as one sparks the other, they’re all over each other like long lost highschool sweethearts.


C’mon now, @saintbristol - as you admit he’s been on the wind-up. I’d also wager there aren’t many 36 year olds that would willingly switch places with Haye right now, dislocated shoulder, loss and all.

He’s immensely rich by contemporary standards on account of earning a shitload of money from boxing :lou_sunglasses:


Fucking hell, you can’t even come on here pissed to admit you were wrong about something without Barry telling you that you are wrong about enjoying being wrong.

I know how Barry works though, he knows nothing about almost everything but will argue until you want to kill yourself and/or him. He will insult you but cry about being insulted. I am not falling for that Barry, save it for cherts.

I don’r care if people are saying you are a paedo either mate. I am sure it is probably untrue and you are probably fine and an OK bloke in real life. Like Bellew, you are just playing a role.


You think Tysn Fury is a good fighter, that is your knowledge of boxing, you’re playing the role of someone who know’s nothing of boxing quite well.


Where is Bellew’s next fight coming from? Wilder will fight him but he’ll get no money, the same with Povetkin, he is no draw at all.


Oh I’ll add Tokes I don’t hate anyone in general but if I disliked you I’d have to dislike Bearsy as well as you’re so far up his arse, the spice girls 2 become 1 spring to mind.

Tyson Fury a good boxer ha ha that tickles me you are a comedian on a wind up with that.