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So a great cruiserweight then?


No not really, just because your the best doesn’t mean you’re a great does it? Tyson Fury is top of the tree in the heavyweights for example where in the early 80’s he would be in the top 20? No where near it.


OK, what cruiserweights were better than him? Holyfield was excellent. Who else since the early 80’s? I would class him as great.


Few really as it isn’t really a division that has ever been stacked with boxers so therefore less great, Holyfield as you say some greats have fought at some point as Cruiserwieghts ie Jones Jnr but they weren’t known as cruiserweights but other weights up or down, more money at light heavyweight and heavyweight as well.


Holyfield is a great there is no argument there, he is so far the best cruiserweight in history, as I say there aren’t many who fought all the time at that weight as they fought for far more money and prestige at light heavyweight or heavyweight.


Agree with all of that, but i believe Haye deserves to be classed a great. Not his fault that his natural size puts him in an unpopular weight class.

Never really understood this “lesser division” bollocks. A talented boxer is an amazing sight at any weight. Chasing money fucks everything up.


I think Haye could’ve been great. Unfortunately great like the term ‘world class’ in football is too easily given IMHO. Not that many ‘all time great’ British fighters in last 30 years. Calzaghe was most definitely, Lennox lewis was f’sure. Hamed not quite.

To me a great is someone like pacquiao, hopkins, mayweather, hagler, sugar ray etc.


Lewis’s name will stand the test of time, his fights won’t but he beat solid opponents.
Calzaghe? On the borderline for me but his record again speaks for itself but the opponents not so as they were well past their prime or some were.
Hamed will always be tarred and scarred with Barrera.

I am a right stickler for the greats title ha ha!





Post-Brexit, innit? No-one listens to experts.


Haye got what he deserved , fucking idiot is all mouth


Like your momma.


Fatso, :smile:



What a fight. I hate scourers in general, I’ve lived there twice, they think they are great, Pap is Pap and Barry speaks for himself, I have never lost so much money in a fight and l cheered so much. Blellew is unbelievable and that was an amazing win. Seeing Hyeeucked was great. I was screaming “want a prtienn shake from the jaquizzi now”. I usually do a cover bet but thing the other wins will see me out even. All in all I love boxing.


by the way, notive he calls out Boyonce Wilder. Barry, he is the shittested heavey weight to hold a belt. It’s all about fat men like Fury and Bellew.


It’s a shitty business. involving people who can make a quick buck.


Some people won a quick buck some lost whats the point?


No worries mate, it’s a financial transaction.


@saintbristol Doesn’t like boxing period.