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"Alls I know is, if I can change, and you can change, ** EVERYBODY can change"**


You can get 3-1 on Klitschko to beat Joshua. Obviously, Joshua is a machine but he hasn’t fought anyone yet, can’t move his head and shouldn’t be able to bully Klitschko or outbox him. It all depends on how much Vlad has in the tank but I cannot remember the last time he was not favourite nevermind 3-1.

I am not saying he is sure to win but 3-1 is very good odds.


That’s a harder one. Joshua can look like the Fraser Forster of boxing but one good punch from him connects and game over. Odds on Klitchco do sound good, even a bit disrespectful. He’s a smarter boxer with a very accurate jab, than people give him credit for. No way Joshua can play him like Fury did. Whose got the better jab and defence? I think Joshua may need that big punch.


Looking forward to this. @tokyo-saint was bang on the money, btw. It is a casual fight fan’s wet dream, if the interest on the shop floor is anything to go by. Lots are watching it, and a couple have said “I don’t normally watch boxing but…”.

Whatever else this fight is, it’s fucking box office. Has there been a more acrimonious build up to a fight lately? Tyson Fury’s fat man taunts look tame by comparison.


True, there is a much better and bigger fight on just a few hours latter in the US but its all about promotion and the fighter’s mouth and hype. Cheap undercard but fair play it is interesting. Love Derry V Davies.

If you have time, watch how Haye acted around in the build up and interviews V Fury how he acts around TB. I think you should be able to see why he pulls out of that fight without 5 years at medical school.



I miss Fury :lou_sad:



Fucking love Tyson Fury. Most underrated boxer this country has ever seen. People who fought him or pulled out with fights with him knew how good he was. Haye, isn’t stupid and could see what was coming. Vlad was genuinley scared by his boxing and unpredictability.


Hughie Fury on points has helped boost the boxing account on many occassions as well.


Fury is total shite, he fought Klitschko who hasn’t released his hands in 5 years and who? Wilder would spark him in 3 and Joshua in well when he fancied it, Joshua will do Klitschko in under 6 rounds as well, he hits so cleanly and with serious damage, Fury spoils fights, doesn’t have a serious knockout punch and has fought shite, the heavyweight division has been shite for years mind,


And Haye has never been a credible Heavyweight, a good cruiserweight, that sort of says a lot.


Sky Bet had Bellew on at 6-1 to win the fight.

I suppose nothing is overpriced if it’s a foregone conclusion. Put £20 on the scouse lad, although didn’t have to empty my dole account to do it.

I watched all of that press conference. I know much has been made of Haye’s comments, and I know I am a regular defender of Liverpool the city. If he’d have constrained his comments to the people in the crowd, I think he would have been bang on. They were acting like a mob.


Okay Barry


Good luck with your bet @pap Longer it goes the more chance Bellew has.

I still think Haye early rounds. This video shows why. Notice how Hayes hand speed looks as fast in slow motion as Bellews dose in real time.


No, it says nothing. Haye is fighting Bellew. Who’s the bigger of the two? Oh and Haye was the best cruiserweight since Holyfield.


Reckon it’ll be Haye inside 3.


Right then lads that is 25 beer tokens on Hayes to win in the 3rd

If for some reason it doesnt win Chutney Ferret could have a new name chosen by some other loser.


He’ll never be taken seriously as he fought a poor Klitschko and who else? He is the worst champion since Douglas and Douglas was arguably better, the heavyweight division is getting better but Joshua will wipe the floor with all around him as it stands





No one should come close bar a huge upset, who has Tyson Fury fought of recognition other than Klitschko? Klitschko as I said hasn’t released his hands and let go for years, he is shot but could pose a danger is he spoils like Fury did to him when he fights Joshua, you rate Fury ha ha Christ alive.


Since there have been few great cruiserwieghts you actually mean, a division with scant great fighters if truth be told.