🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


And this is why I seldom visit this site anymore. I am assuming, despite the evidence, that neither of you are schoolboys.


Oh aye.

I’m in my mid 40’s. Map in his 50’s.

And I agree, it is utterly pathetic.


Few do. In the future it will just be Pap arguing with himself with a couple of troopers telling both versions of him how great he is. Whatever gets him off I suppose. Strange little man.


I’ve met e few from this site in person, including dear-Pap. I’m truly gobsmacked by this. It’s a bit like one of those cringe movies that you can’t help looking at but in your heart of hearts you really think is true gutter trash. Well done @tigger for finally bringing them to their senses. Anyone for some Saints talk ? COYR :saints:


Council estate thing, init.

Always best to be nice, of course. Sometimes though, you realise that you’re in a scrap, and if you’re in a scrap, you give as good or better than you get.

I am sorry you had to see this. I hope you never see it again.


Thanks Tokes. I’d definitely agree with the strange little man part.


Can we just get back to people calling me a bellend? I’ll take one for the team.


Well said @Saint-CD - I’ve not even looked at the site for the last week and on a quick read probably won’t be back for a bit, which is a real shame as I enjoyed the last couple of years on here…mostly.


Don’t be a stranger Cobs. It’ll all calm down after Brexit.


Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Ignore it and go to the football thread.
There’s promise there.


You’ll be lucky.


It’s alright now, I have fucked off


You shouldn’t.


It’s not all about this thread @Cobham-Saint. The rest of the site is still as bonkers as ever. Next match for Tyke and me is WHU at SMS. Is it too early to start a beer thread ?


Silly boy. It’s never too early to start a beer thread. On which subject…


Well I’d say you’d have been pleasantly surprised with most of the site since you last looked.

I’m not singling Map out here, but every time that a thread, or threads, are infested with a two person bar fight, it’s not a lot of fun for anyone else. Why bother contributing when your point will likely be lost in the fracas.

It has been a pretty good week for chat now one of the arguments has died down.


Fair enough @pap - I’ll take a peep next week to see how the entente cordiale is holding up :wink:

Gotta dash, Young Adult #1 has arrived home from Uni for Xmas and now #2 is allowed to drink legally Dad taxi service is apparently reinstated.

Keep fighting the good fight




Maps/Paps at pre-match beers…:flushed:


Especially if he has that horse, or if he is bare chested he couldn’t get pulled back, Goats and SOS’s hearts would all be a flutter…

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