🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


So you just goosestepped out the Beef Thread for that? You giant fucking wuss.

Next question. If you’re so bothered about being half-Kraut and being associated with excessive drinking, why would you post this week that you were getting pissed up in Berlin?


Like I said, you seem to find being a bigger cunt than me rather easy


I need to eat now, so dont expect any further response too soon…


I find reading and writing easier too, which makes your perma-assertion that you’ve got the intellectual jump on me fucking hilarious.

And a little tragic.


No worries, I am much taller and have a bigger cock, so am sorted…:lou_smiley::lou_sunglasses:

I might add that reading a load of guff from twitter links, and watching youtube from 1973, and presenting it as ‘robust support of your opinion’ is relatively easy and not really indicative of a strong intellect. Its easy to argue using other peoples opinions… :lou_smiley:


Mate, you couldn’t even quote what I wrote in my PM correctly, and you did actually “quote” it.

You can’t consistently spell the word “the” correctly.

You seem to think that the last referendum happened in 1973.

If you’re so confident of your intellectual capability, why spend tens of thousands on sending your offspring to private school? That’s not a sign of a man thinking “yup, definitely got them intellectual minerals”.

That’d be like me buying Cuban heels or stuffing a foil wrapped cucumber down my trouser leg. I don’t do that, because it doesn’t bother me.

Clearly, it bothers you.


Lols, like I give a fuck, you know it represents what you said well enough, and I simply cant be arsed spending additional time going back over it… it was a waste of mine responding to you in the first place

Oh dear, you seem to confuse spelling with typing… surprising for one of such intellect

Whooooosh - go back and look at the comments , its a general reference to you being stuck in ‘teh’ early seventies for your political baseline…

Chip on shoulder…? I suspect so. 1) its not 10s of thousands of pounds, if anything its a few hundred a month more than child care would cost given our working hours, but lets not bother with facts here… 2) I am not a teacher, Its why you need to study to be a teacher and gain experience to be a good one… it would be rather arrogant to assume its an easy job and one which could be done at home?

I am sure being a shortarse and having a small cock does not bother you… (bit like them ‘bants’ about Goose-stepping and half-kraut etc - great init… )

Right, got a ton of stuff to sort before an early flight, so you will have to forgive me if I think this fun and frolics is not quite as important as real life. I was expecting a bit more from you really after your goading me in the PMs? I am sure you can and will, but suggest you consider who ends up looking the biggest twat when you do… for one with such a great intellect, you should be able too work that out. Have a fun evening


Neither being a shortarse or rocking a small wanger bothers me. The only reason you’ve got that as ammunition is because I’ve traded on both traits before in a self-deprecating manner. I’m very happy with the overall “package” I’ve got.

As far as the chip on the shoulder goes, what would I be worried about? I’ve got my qualifications, ta. My eldest is about to eclipse those this year (and by God, won’t she let me know it) while the youngest is the smartest of us all.

Moreover, both of them are normal people that’ll get on with most people on this planet. They’re not going to be sheltered from real life or crushed by it when they finally meet it, or have an inexplicable or quite unjustified sense of superiority over others.

Besides, I’ve achieved my mission. You’re on this thread, rather than polluting everything else with your veiled self-proclamations of inferiority. We’ve had real discussion on the actual Brexit thread.

I’d say it’s much better than having a sozzled old cunt shout at me.

Enjoy your flight.


Fuck it, ironing can wait a few minutes and your do have a knack of making come backs so fucking easy…

Funnily enough, I have no idea what you are talking about as I have not seen you reference this previously because I dont hang on your every word (post) - it was a big fucking whoosh though as you seemed not to get that it was a piss take of your ‘intellectual’ bants…

Good for you

I am sure your kids ARE very smart, but with statements as sweeping and ignorant as the above, I suggest you don’t champion their abilities with you as a baseline…

… I see you have had lots of nice agreement… sadly anyone who disagrees with you has left, not being arsed to put up with you and your goading…

Top ‘bants’ once again… I have to admit, the fact that you don’t seem to care how much of cunt these quotes make you look is impressive.

Right I really must get packed, Having only gone to the local state school, I have to work twice as hard as everyone else to hold my important job down…


Hey wow, I thought you had a mega important flight.

Don’t mix your spirits with your ironing, mate. Creases will be the least of your problems.



Also, can I just say that the thought of you running back and forth from your ironing board with your little apron, just to see if I’ve given you some attention is fucking adorable.

Can we keep you?


Sorry. Last post for a bit. I’ve got an important barge to catch in the morning.


I’ve not read all this recent bit of the thread or the other thread but this is frankly ridiculous guys.
This above also puts me off this site more and more. I can cope with the football.
But the so called debates/discourse of opposing views who appear to have little or no interest in trying to see another view point is hard to read through.


This is the Beef Thread, not a tickling competition. I’m very pleased that it’s constrained to one place. The alternative is having it all over the fucking shop.

This isn’t supposed to be a debate. It’s the place the naughty little boys get asked to visit when they can’t rise above exactly this.


But it’s not containing it, is it? These arguments are all over the place and where ever they are, are needless and pointless.


Historically no, but I’m of a mind to enforce it.

FWIW I would rather not be arguing at this level. It’s shit and debases the site. That said, I’m also serving an objective for people to speak freely.

I don’t see a better way to resolve those conflicting priorities than this thread. @Goatboy was correct about the old Brexit thread - it was little but insult trading for the past day. I’ll hold my hand up to my part in that but it was clear that my opponent wanted to debate at shall we say, a lower level.

I personally don’t see how the Brexit thread was served by Map repeatedly insulting me, and me flinging back returns, so I asked Map to take whatever abuse he had and bring it here, where a much lower standard of “debate” is tolerated. I told him quite explicitly that gloves would be off. He knew what he was walking into.

My experience of this thread is that 90% of the time, people don’t even get here. A mere mention of Beef Thread is usually enough for ears to prick up and the message to be heard. Sometimes it gets here, and bereft of the audience a topic people might actually be interested in reading, these things normally burn themselves out quite quickly.

I have every expectation this latest tete-a-tete will do the same.

I am not averse to opinions on changing the universal state of debate, to say that certain things are not on, but that’s going to put all of the mods in a state where we have to determine what is right or wrong and start censoring posts or suspending users.

I’m more than happy to put a giant fucking disclaimer at the start of this thread and rigorously enforce the Beef Thread redirect, as to warn new users.

For right now, freedom of speech prevails, and if we want that, and want to keep other threads beef-free and full of lively discussion, those that want a proper beef can do it here.

I compare the old Brexit thread with the new one and just wish I’d enforced it sooner.


Maybe I am fair game… after all, I chose to participate. But making such insinuation about others children is pretty low, and says far more about you than any political posturing about state v independent schools…

As in your last post, after playing your part, you try and act all Mr reasonable again, ‘look how good I am at cleaning up other threads by redirecting here’ and how it is all your ‘opponents’ doing’… I may have started being more ‘direct in my language’ but its also ways in response to the not so subtle button pushing you seem to enjoy so much. You know which ones to press and delight in getting the reaction, only then to try and act all innocent. It is the characteristic behaviour of troll… a perverse pleasure.

It is true, that this results in an escalation, that is unpleasant, but I have to ask, if you really want to be the moral champion and prevent such conflicts, why do you insist on sowing the seeds? Does it really please you that much knowing how to get folks so wound up?

I would add, that you seem to have nearly a 100 posts on this beef thread… the next highest is 33… now you may suggest this is al because you arbitrate… but others might suggest there is another common denominator.

I am fair game, like I said, fill your boots, but if you think using poster’s family to score cheap points is acceptable, then you are really quite pathetic.


I’ve no sympathy. I asked you weeks ago to stop with the personal shit, and you (maybe literally) told me to fuck off, attempting to petition others to see if your style of debating was okay. No one did.

I don’t know your kids. I do know that you send them to private school, because you mouthed off about that topic when it was discussed too. The only way those comments are an insult to them is if they’re true.

I’ve no sympathy because I told you this would happen. My exact quote to you last night:-

Really? Then get on the Beef Thread. Let’s play your game, but in the right place.
I’ve got fucking 'orrible in my locker too, and it’s a lot 'orribler than yours.
Gloves will just be off, like yours were.

I’ve got no sympathy because you saw all that and turned up anyway.

I don’t think you’re fair game. You’re a fucking idiot that has repeatedly shown himself to be a bit too delicate for the forum hard man persona you aspire to and you know that. You vacated SaintsWeb for similar reasons.

No fucking sympathy at all.


I noticed you didn’t quote yourself when goading and bating me to join you here, whether I was brave enough… i guess this is your ‘playground’’

But there there really are times when you should just shut the fuck up for your own good

I don’t want your ‘fucking sympathy’ I want fuck all from you. Your prejudices all began on that school thread where your ideology was clearly just reinforced by your ignorance and a couple of twats you once met…

Ya know fucking well what you were implying and as is typical try to cover it up by slinging more shit.

A two faced little jumped up twat with a ducking g huge Napoleon complex if ever I saw one with a bunch of ingrained prejudices… I did indeed tell you to go fuck your self AFTER you went to your default pishead insult… the fact you now resort to trying to insult kids is as I said above fucking pathetic… but I expected nothing less…

I am not leaving in a ‘flounce’ - I am fucking off because if you and your cuntish behaviour


Yup. It’s a lesson you’ll never learn, sadly.