🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


Still an obsessive twat then. As @pap said, every thread.
Your last post. NATO? Please don’t answer(ever).


If @Barry-Sanchez carries on polluting other threads with this nonsense he’ll have another holiday to look forward to other than New York.

This thread is pinned to the top so that newcomers can pop in and discuss Saints. Same old fucking ubiquitous agenda. I’ve had enough, and I’m also pissed off with getting shouted at by the sensitive squad for pointing this out with a council estate flourish.

One more transgression earns a weeks hols from Sotonians, Barry.


Don’t you guys know anything? I have been informed that tigger is regular. Regular? Tiggers are special not regular ffs


Is @tigger having a beef with herself?*

* not a euphemism


Tigger posted that here rather than tell you what she really thought which would have been a little uncharitable


Oh, I see.

By sticking around the Sotonians community, Discourse has automatically granted you “Regular” status (an honour, BTW) and you are somehow offended?

Perhaps I should change the state description to “Wonderful thing” because we all know that Tiggers are wonderful things, right?


Now that would be much better


This is the best I can do.

Consider it a YouTube-coloured olive branch…