🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


I dunno. Didn’t seem like the piss-taking was of single malt variety. Just a load of blended old shite. Bells seemed appropriate.


C’mon @Map-Of-Tasmania you geet fucking chicken.

You seemed very interested in the departures of @Tokyo-Saint , @Fatso, @Sadoldgit , CD (whoever that is) and @TheCholulaKid over on the Brexit thread. I’m sure that the forum would love to discuss the meta surrounding all of their departures. I know I would.

We can then talk about how our most successful poster ever, in terms of attracting new sign ups, was hounded off the site by envious no-marks because people liked his posts a lot more than 99% of all other posters.

We can also talk about replacing the lost members. I happen to know something that is very fucked off with both TUI and the SaintsWeb.

Finally, I can help you in whichever way possible to:-

  1. Start your own internet forum
  2. Prevent it from looking like this


Let me know, yeah? I’m glad you’ve opened all these wounds. Would be good to have a retrospective poke at them.


Thanks for the email.

Death, taxes and Pap being a cunt. Somethings will never change.


Love you, but can you fuck off again?

Your presence is making me look less of a scary cunt, to be quite frank.


Gladly, I will leave you to your endless internal squabbles with forum members and your sycophantic paptrropers who kiss your arse.


They’re not endless, @Tokyo-Saint. I am not immortal.

Cheers for the quick offs. You can go back to being a list item in @Map-Of-Tasmania’s big list of grievances.


What kicked this off @pap ?

Trying to avoid t’Brexit thread and succeeding- largely, well mostly, ok, occasionally, so don’t have a clue what’s going on…


I’m finding @Map-Of-Tasmania’s debating style, particularly his reference to folk getting off, a little off topic on the Brexit thread. So whenever personal attacks come up in that thread, I’m just going to direct him to this one, where all is fair game, even if it is not related to the EU debate.


Ah, fair enough

I had (have) nothing to add to the debate and am trying to keep my blood pressure down so have hardly visited / posted.

Carry on as you were then.



We live in hope Pap. However, if it is true the good die young, I expect you will out live all of us by a fair few years.



Thanks Tokes. It’s actually quite refreshing to be insulted so brutally and succinctly. I normally have to skim over a load of bollocks about Europe.


C’mon @Map-Of-Tasmania. We’re outside the school gates.



I think your shameful goading of him has got rid of him for good, and who blames him.


Nah, he’s a gigantic wuss that wants to throw punches when he thinks he’s not going to get hit back and runs for the hills the minute he’s confronted.

What was shameful about my goading, btw? The reference to an obscure 1980s arcade game?


You know what’s shameful about what you’ve said - don’t act dumb - but I’m not going to go into here. I’m not going to get drawn into an argument you want to have but MoT won’t entertain you with.


I genuinely don’t. If you’re referring to the fact I’ve asked him whether he’s pissed when he writes his posts, I’m even more confused. Most people on Sotonians have written lots under the influence (see slightly pickled thread for more details).

Why is anything I’ve said shameful? Why would he be arsed?




OK… so Pap has requested that we resume hostilities here so that in his own words ‘‘He can show me he can be more horrible than me’’ - Now I don’t doubt that he can…but not sure its a noble aim for him to pursue. It is his playground, his ball, as they say and he has suggested I am not ‘brave’ enough to stand toe to toe with him outside of the ‘Brexit thread’

I did ask him how old he was given that this seems a ridiculous approach… but then again he is never happy until he has the last word - something that I have had to endure for a couple of years…

… so he now wants a chance to be a bigger cunt than me - Well pap, fill your boots. Do as you please, show folks on here your true self.


You ran away last time, didn’t you?

Why did you do that?


Sorry, confused?

I decided I did not want to converse with you anymore when you started doing two things:

  1. Being a dick about Germans - a nice bit of bigotry, which you intensified the you knew I was sensitive to it being half German

  2. When you seemed to think it hilarious to jest about being drunk all the time - and as you may recall that was what drove me off Saintsweb - when turkish thought is was a great wind up despite my having told him about a very good friend who did indeed die in his early 40s through alcohol abuse… you knew that and seemed happy to continue in the same vein.

That is why I left, it was only the request of several respected posters that I can back…