🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)



What do you mean IF?


Good stuff, I’d hate for you to have a lot of work to do.

At least I can finally get my request that Pap has continuously turned down, of purging myself from the site.


It’d be a shame Shirty - as we’ve already discussed many times on PM over the years.

But I’ll ask you to sleep on it.

In the interim, if you want to take a copy of your own data (another one of your GDPR rights) you can do so from your Profile, then select Activity then Download All.

If you still feel the same tomorrow drop me a PM with the request, but I, and I’m sure most of the community, would love you to stay around.

We have 30 days to comply but let’s say the clock is already ticking from this ‘request’ as it’s me that has asked you to sleep on it.




Absolutely, I’ll sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.





Ffs Discourse won’t just let me write “B?” as it’s too short…



Sorry, I’m not starting a beef, @Cobham-Saint. The moment was there :smiley:


Nah, don’t worry @pap - it got lost in translation- it was supposed to suggest that all you could write on your wiener was “B” & Discourse won’t apparently let you do one letter responses…

I couldn’t make the text size smaller either. :lou_wink:

Fucking internet

(Light hearted banter btw)


While you do so, @Chertsey-Saint


Fucking hell, there’s a dreamland.

A capital B? Standing proudly emblazoned across the length of my nob?

Not happening.

The best I can manage is a single lowercase i, so long as I scribe the dot on a bollock and look at it from a certain angle, after of course, I lift up the single pube that ably conceals the entirety of ye olde pap-tackle.


Stop boasting and making some of us feel inadequate…



Calling @Map-Of-Tasmania to the beef thread. I understand that he would like to discuss the departures of some forum members, as he keeps bringing them up in Brexit threads.

Come now, Map

You’ve spent years getting angrier and angrier, operating with the cavalier and carefree manner of a man writing an essay with a bottle of Bells instead of a biro, knowing there’s no breathalyser in the morning.

The correct place to do that is here, not in those Brexit threads. Go.



nah, on second thoughts, go fuck yourself


What’s the matter, Map?

This is the Beef Thread after all. I am certain that the forum will be a much better place if you can confine your outbursts to this thread.

Surely that’s got to be better than you jaffin’ your jiz on every thread.


I suspect that has less to do with your attempt to sort out a beef and more more to do you being a bit of a cunt with the unnecessary second paragraph


Meh. This is the Beef Thread, not a fucking tickling competition. @Map-Of-Tasmania has no problem unleashing his big guns, so I’m unsure as to why a little Turkish Delight has sent him runnin’ scared for the hills.

Up until this point I thought it was all bollocks.


I reckon suggesting he has the poor taste to drink Bells rather than something a little more classy could be a bit galling.