🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


It won’t last long, don’t worry.


So very true.

You left because I wouldn’t ban another poster just because you asked.

Bad old me. What a prick I am.


I think you’ll find last time in left was because you called me a racist, couldn’t justify it and wouldn’t rescind it.


Well, that’ll be easy enough to prove with the new spanky search facility. Easy win against pap the terrible there, lad. Work away.


I can’t be arsed to do that - I do have the old PM’s between myself and Bletch about it though, so that’s definitely one of the reasons.

Trust me, I don’t need a win against you - you do so much damage to yourself that it just seems churlish.


All the evidence would seem to state otherwise.

As I said earlier, I’m past caring.


What evidence?


Your posting history :smiley:

What is 90% of your recent content (July to now) all about?

Didn’t even have to dip into the logs for that one.


Brexit - but what’s that got to do with winning against you? I’m just discussing Brexit.

I have no interest in “winning” as it were - that’s not why I’m on forums. Is that why you’re on forums?


Cool beans, bletch.

Remember that I don’t care and Cherts is only discussing Brexit.

I would expect like most beef thread referrals, it will peter out.

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

PS. Leave my hair out of this, please.


You were replying to a 3 day old post for some reason, when I hadn’t replied to you, or mentioned you…but I assume that’s because you anticipated a forum “win”…?

This is all very odd @pap


Off you?

You must be joking.

I’ve had some superb forum wins, ta. Turkish and Furball are just two. They’re both very good at what they do. They’re both in the position where, on their day, they can wound me.

Those are forum wins.

The sort of half-baked, half-arsed but nevertheless effortless forum judo response you get is frankly, a fking chore, and doesn’t really count.


Ah, fine, so you just like winning on forums. Excellent.

OK, in that case I’m going to invoke my right to be forgotten under GDPR. That means all of my personal data, including any posts that could be used to determine personal data or that people could use to determine who posted it must be purged. This includes anything that would outline my political views.

How’s that for a win, you fucking prick?




I dunno. Are you in a contest with @saintbletch? :smiley:

I won’t be the one forgetting you, much as it’d be fun.

Bletch; can you sort our “Mr Wants to be Forgotten” out please?


Hi Shirty, yeah this is fairly simple for us to do with Discourse and you’re right you certainly have the right to be forgotten.

How about you send me a PM tomorrow if you still want to go ahead. I was sensing a rhetorical nature to your question.



I think I’ve seen the option. It’s one of these two, isn’t it?


Nope it’s one these two…


What if I’m a master baiter that just doesn’t know when to stop, typing with furry palms?