🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


Nice “verbal jousting” there Tokes. That’s what the Beef Thread is all about, init.

(Although if we’re going to get repeats, I’d sooner it was Only Fools)

Play it nice and cool, son.


I was taking the piss when I said verbal jousting - does that sound like me?

  • got bored. You can weasel out of answering TMO but you are not dragging me into another argument with you where you go into relentless megaspastic barry mode posting for hours.


Who knows, Tokes?

For all we know you probably sound like Joe Pasquale.


Here you are, pap, have the final word if you like, the floor is yours… but can you resist?



He couldn’t resist… obs.


That was a video, Tokyo, not a word.

Sotonians. Come for the promise of football. Stay to complete the basic education that eluded you in Scotland.

I’m using that as a tagline.


lol tricked him. What an idiot. You’re welcome tmo.


Come on then @fatso let’s have at it…



My arteries have run away screaming just looking at that photo.


What the fuck is it?

It looks like a deep fried Muppets character (Animal?)


Have you seen American Pie? That is the Scottish take on it.


Another zinger from Cherts’ upcoming opus, “Why people treat me seriously as an Internet debating force”. Out in September. At no good book stores.

:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications
:brexit: Brexit - The Ramifications

The embarrassing thing for you Pap, is that posters on this forum seem to agree more with me on Brexit than with you. That must be difficult for you.


It would be, if I cared the slightest iota about what you thought.

As it is, all of my care was deleted en masse somehow.

Happy trolling.


Happy trolling? Really? Wow.

And you wonder why so many people leave the site? @saintbletch must be pulling his hair out with you.

As an aside, not sure where I put my opinion across in that post - or are you just talking about the forum in general, because that makes sense, you’ve shown time and time again that you don’t care what anyone else on the forum thinks.


Nope. It’s just you. I’ll hang off every word of every poster on here, except yours.

People leave the site for all sorts of non-me reasons. @Jack-Schitt left because he was getting bullied by all the football people. @Ex-Trader left because he was bullied for his Brexit opinions.

Some folk are a bit more complex than that. They say they left for one reason, but in reality, it’s a couple of different reasons.

  1. Throwing a tantrum because the mods wouldn’t ban another poster on request.
  2. A deep sense of ephemeral shame.



I think you need to take some responsibility on this. I know that’s not something you like to do, but I think if you looked at it user by user, more people have left because of you than any other reason - and I bet it’s not close.

I assume when you changed forum platforms you found a better way to purge someone from the forum, yes?