🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


Originally posted by @Bearsy

we don’t play by ur rules, copper. We’ll beef where we want to beef.

bletch thinks may be getting a little ugly for public consumption. And this is Lou’s thread, FFS.


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You don’t just look like a sex offender Pap, you really are a prime cunt muscle.

hypo beat you to the punch by two years with a more offensive insult.

One minute it is all “I miss his posts, I’m a nice guy giving out olive branches” the next it is aggression and bullshit again.

What, like the post you returned with?

Where did this arrogance come from?

I’m good at four things. Who wouldn’t put about if they’re good at four things?

Is it from the forum praise? I have helped create a monster.

Rest easy. My old fashioned family did the damage long before you did. Succinctly, I’m a king in my rented house and a God in my mum’s. It often isn’t helpful.

The dork in the Metallica T-shirt is now running the games workshop,

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, if you could?

he is now a big deal and is going to talk to people like shit.

I’ve been talking to people like shit for years, mostly when they deserve it. You ain’t blameless, and you didn’t much complain when I was treating idiots like shit over on TSW.

You DMed me off-site to troll me over Hillsborough, dude. It got heated, you decided to fuck off the site as a result, and that was fine. You said some fucking nasty things, things you probably wouldn’t say to someone if you fancied being on cordial terms with them again in the future.

I tried to sort this privately when I thought calmer heads may have prevailed. That prompted the “Walking Abortion” comment :lou_sunglasses:

You’ve got choices. Stay. Go. Stay mad. Calm down.

Playing the victim isn’t one of them.


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Oh dear. Stop being fannies people. It’s not edifying.

Or take it the fucking beef thread so I can ignore it.

I’m done. Will move this stuff in a jif. Was going to do it earlier, but encountered resistance.


The hypocrisy of a scourer telling someone not to play the victim is just a step to far Pap. You have really gone into the realms of fantasy this time.


That’s why I found it funny. It’s usually a tag you dish out, not take on.


Is it meant to say scouser or scourer? If it is scourer, can someone explain what that means in this context, please.


Kin’ hell. I got shafted by an ex wife & then someone I thought was a friend who stabbed me in the back & between themy they left me to rot down here having raped my entire pension.

I’ve not EVER said anything so nasty about them as some have opted on here.

Get back to reality gang.


It’s always good to think about whether you would say nasty stuff to the person face to face. It’s easy to forget those people are real and may even have feelings and such.

People may think I am biased as Pap is my friend. But I know how annoying he can be. But some of the comments from Tokyo seem to be really uncalled for. Even on a beef thread. Why not just end it here.


Did you not read the bit were he compared me to Barry ffs?

Seriously though, Pap lost his rag before me, he played the man instead of the topic a few times before I snapped. I may have insulted harder than Pap (bar the Barry point which was well below the belt) but I didn’t throw the first punch. To answer your question, yes if Pap had talked to me in real life like he did in DM I would have reacted the same way if not worse in real life.

I thought he was a decent guy and spoke with him fairly regularly off line but then he lost it and started all the jumped up arrogant shit. The fact we got along before made it worse. It looks like Pap has become the victim which is likely his preferred position. I’ll happily leave him there and go. If you don’t want me back, don’t troll or fish for me.


Originally posted by @Intiniki

Tokyo seem to be really uncalled for. Why not just end it here.

Well below the belt as far as I’m concerned. You might not like Tokyo but to encourage him to end it all is not needed.


So. I make that Token 1 Paper 0, but with the 2nd leg to come next week things are pretty close.

Meanwhile my beef.

What’s wrong with the idea of Old Nick replacing RCVNT?

Rally boy on the bench in the Sammy Lee role?


Don’t worry about me. I have dealt with much worse. This is Neo at the end of the Matrix stuff compared to the other place, where packs of people would descend en-masse. I’ve had people attack me through my kids, people attack me through parents. Toke’s got some word wounding skills (ta, bletch), but he’s not a gang, and this doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

I can hardly be accused of dominating the place if he’s able to make comments like that and like near everything else, they stand. Tokes is doing this place a favour. I keep saying it,. but freedom of speech is freedom for the thoughts you hate. Tokes has to have his say for the site to uphold that value, and so he shall.

If Tokes feels he would benefit from a bit more raging, I am game. Perhaps punching ourselves out is what we need to get this shit over and done with.

If he wants to admit, as I can., that we’re both capable of being a pair of horrible cunts on our day and we should leave it at that, that’ll work too.


An olive branch Toke…


No I have know Pap for a long long time, he has never changed, you just need to go with it and enjoy the ride fella! :lou_wink_2:

You do not get any bullshit for sure, you just get a striaght talking person!


what is the four things pap is good at? Answers pls. Trolls welcome.


Fixing it so Lou gets 132 pts this week for only posting i.e. twice when Bear has made far more Effort

Painting his bollocks

Getting banned from Saintsweb

Looking like Sex Offender


Cleaning his balls


Fourth one is always classified, a la Robocop.


talking to people like they’re shit

being a poison midget.

stifling debate

naming the forum after himself (papsweb)


That’s the worst of it. V.Arrogant. Even Steve Jobs didn’t call his company “Steve Jobs” although he did call his movie that.