🐄 The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)

:cow2: The Beef Thread (in honour of Barry)


I don’t understand what you mean :slight_smile:


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I don’t understand what you mean :slight_smile:

Is that you, Batman? :lou_sunglasses:


Haha. Snappier deletions of evidence relating to ones amusing cock-ups has rarely been seen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Placeholder beef (to be claimed by GA :lou_wink_2:)


What is this place? Fuck this is weird - fucking twilight zone for forum cunts - scary


Tokes sent me this Vine via PM.


It’s a Liverpool fan making aeroplane arms. It wasn’t news. The Munich air disaster had already been mentioned in the thread, so I suspected it was just trolling. I dunno, perhaps he genuinely thought my response would be to humbly prostrate myself before the forum, perhaps begging forgiveness because of this vid.

I did not do that, I asked him to stop being a twat, nipper. (close, Bear!). He’d rather be a troll, so spends a while having a go at scousers before I finally call him a “lonely cunt”, pretty justified given the circumstances.

The usual moans about how I let Bear get away with everything, and a barrage of insults, directed either at me or the forum. I printed some here, out of context, without really saying what they were, just to let him know I wasn’t bothered.

I forgot to log “walking abortion” at the time. Consider yourselves updated.

You learn a lot about someone in a beef, especially when it comes to how far someone is prepared to go to win it. I was under the impression Tokes and I got on well and that our relationship could withstand a few C-Bombs. I was wrong. The result was like having a row with a coked up Britain First wife at the end of the bag.

I’m sure Tokes has a brilliant, triumphalist revision of these events which results in his present heroic exile. From my shoes, it was like “wow, this cunt really hates me”.

I don’t care if he comes back, in all truth.


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I think you should Bend Over and take one for the Team once in a while srs.

It’s a great idea in the abstract. No idea what it means in practice.

I have to compromise all the time, Bear. That might not be the lubed up over barrel fantasy you were having, but the effect is much the same.

That’s why we’re losing our High Maintenance posters.


I can do without certain drama, but you’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.

It’s like playing human whackamole. Please one person and piss someone else off.

Tokes wanted a new TMS. Ohio wanted boobs. I wanted a new Lounge. Lou wasn’t over hot on the boobs.

You have Long Term relationship with a Woman, you should know all about this. When yo argue with yo bitch and she turns menstral, do you keep attacking her with rational debate?

Where does that get you? I’m like, yes love. Ur prob right. I should’ve bought 4 pts milk rather than 2. I should’ve realised you was gonna be back on them gross milkshake things now it’s Bikini Weather.

Ok, so on those two conversations

#1) that would have meant me telling JS to shut up about his insights on Syria, and yes Lou, the site is crap and people should consider not posting here anymore.

#2) agreeing with Tokes on all the wonderful ideas he has about scousers.

Wasn’t really happening, was it? :lou_smiley:

I understand your point very well. I can, and I do, but there are some situations where it is impossible.

It’s dumb, and some would say demeaning, but it costs me Nothing!

It’ll drive you mad in the long run. You’ll end up tanked up in Brum, holding a broken glass honey jar, slashing at random pedestrians. Don’t bottle it up.


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And Furball RIP.

Like a killer turning up at the victim’s funeral.


I can’t decide if you are talking complete shite as that is what you really believe Pap or if you are just fishing to get me to argue with you in Public? If so does the battlefiled really have to be on a thread about Lou? That is just taking things too far.


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Pap - you’re such a dick!


I’m actually quite happy about it. I thought I was a cunt.

Glad to see you. Your greeting would have made me happier if you’d swapped the “r” for a “v”, though.


Originally posted by @Tokyo-Saint

I can’t decide if you are talking complete shite as that is what you really believe Pap or if you are just fishing to get me to argue with you in Public?

We’ve got a Beef Thread for public arguments, my good man. If I wanted a beef, I’d put it there.

The original post with the Colin Farrell thing was fishing. The rest was a response to Bear’s account of our exchange.

A less charitable man might even say you grassed me, and your accusers were right all along, but I told a few of lads you’d called me a poison dwarf cunt anyway. They laughed.

If so does the battlefiled really have to be on a thread about Lou? That is just taking things too far.

Beef Thread, which is where you should have placed half of yesterday’s post.


Serious question, you know when you say things like “my good man” does a little voice in the back of your head shout “WANKER!”?


Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

Pap, though, you seriously need to chill out.

A good mate of mine reckons that if you’re not pissed off about something, life isn’t worth living.

That’s a fair assessment though.

I’m not annoyed with you,


you’re just a bit bloody full on!

Take some nurofen for the pain, and stuff your face with chocolate…works wonders for me every month.

I am not menstruating madam, and frankly, I’m alarmed at how sexist this is.

And I also think you were all bloody mean to Furball when he was clearly not himself…much as I’m on Goatboy’s side.

We, especially me, were restrained and could have been worse. The devil on my shoulder was toying with the idea of getting it onto TSW and UI, but I listened to my better angels, and didn’t bother.

His actions on that thread weren’t new. Mountains from molehills have long been a part of the man’s modus operandi - used to happen quite frequently on TSW.

I closed that thread because there was a chance that he wasn’t well.

That was good enough for me, but I’m still not sure that it was anything more than business as usual. We’ll delete the thread if he wants.


Nah. That’d be shit.

First, it’s redundant in the age in Internet porn. I simply assume every other bloke is a wanker, knowing that I am too.

Second, it’s far too phonetically satisfying a word to say quietly.

Needs to be belted out loudly, with special attention paid to the opening syllable. A flat w really doesn’t do it for me. You’ve got to go with “wh”

Does that help?


Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

Ha! Which is the absolute opposite to of my life philosophy. I like being happy and merry!

Ah yes, but if our ancestors hadn’t got pissed off about working hours and conditions, our opportunities to be happy and merry wouldn’t be as bountiful :lou_sunglasses:


True story Barry. When I finally lost it with Pap and decided to bite and come back with a few insults, poison dwarf, walking abortion etc, the best and most offensive thing he could say about me was to compare me to you Barry. That cut deep.


The “why doesn’t everyone love me” desperation on this one is pretty good.

n sure you have called bear a cunt as well? You wouldn’t be a hypocrite and not miss out calling ‘your best poster’ a lonely cunt as well?

Bear - by rights, I need to call you a lonely cunt now. I’ve decided to take one for the team and 'fess to the hypocrite charge.

Or do you put your dying forum before your morals?



Originally posted by @Fatso

I’m lonely.

I’ll be able to help you out once I get a pulse from this forum.


You don’t just look like a sex offender Pap, you really are a prime cunt muscle. One minute it is all “I miss his posts, I’m a nice guy giving out olive branches” the next it is aggression and bullshit again. Where did this arrogance come from? Is it from the forum praise? I have helped create a monster. The dork in the Metallica T-shirt is now running the games workshop, he is now a big deal and is going to talk to people like shit.


Gonna move mine and Tokes’ beef to the beef thread.