🤪 Stir Crazy Antidote #7 - Six gigs but one's a lie

Here’s a quick fun game

On your wall, list 6 concerts you’ve been to, one of which is a lie. See if people can determine the lie…Here are my concerts … remember one of mine is a lie!
Mine are:

  1. Muse
  2. Slade
  3. Metallica
  4. Kayne West
  5. Hall & Oates
  6. Rihanna

Pick the lie post yours

Right, I’ve done that. Mrs Fatso is not fucking happy though. Says I’ve ruined the living room wall.

Ps I’m guessing you haven’t seen Slade


:sunglasses: Went by Coach to some Village Hall in Andover after they had faded away.
Next victim :wink:

Hall & Oates?

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Yep. Sadly. Bucket list gig I’ve never managed.
OK your turn!!

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Twat…you missed them at The Gaumont in the early '80s? :dizzy_face:

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Bon Scott of AC/DC played his last ever gig at the Gaumont.

Had to give this some considered thought. Probably will be v easy.

1 The Killers
2 ZZ Top
3 The Verve
4 Leonard Cohen
5 Shaggy
6 Paul Simon

You didn’t see Shaggy.

  1. The Doors
  2. Joni Mitchell
  3. Hall & Oates
  4. Rolling Stones
  5. Jimi Hendrix
  6. Robert Palmer
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That is a cracking list

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This one is hard. Rolling Stones?

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I guess The Doors didnt play here much.

Did The Doors play here much?

Damn, the only one of us old enough to have been allowed to see some of those!

I’d say Hendrix

Dylan, Petty and Roger McGuin in one gig
Neil Young
The Mission
Fairport Convention

Well I saw them twice. :lou_lol:

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Jesus. This is hard.

Nope saw at Reading in 94

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Lucky you. Neil Young?
I’m going to just go through all aren’t I?

Bob Dylan
Status Quo
Muddy Waters
Leonard Cohen
Dwight Yoakum