:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)

:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)


Yoshida really does need to fuck off out of this team. How the fuck can you wimp out of that when you’re the biggest CB. Lily livered soft lad. COYR


I’m not even watching but when I do I bet you guys £100 each both goals are shite defending, we haven’t got one top league class centreback, we’re always going to struggle with that, and take into account we haven’t got a good line up up front.
You can’t say I haven’t told you so.


And another goal, what defender fucked that one up?


OMG :lou_facepalm_2:


It’s a fucking shambles. Targett this time. Just fucking stick it out. Same school of shite football as Hoedt. FFS


Its so so so predictable, I’m doing this without watching it, with that defence its a miracle if there aren’t fuck ups, they’re garbage.


We can’t catch a fucking break. Woodwork again. All the loose balls are falling to them too. WTF have we got to do to get some luck. Silly silly mistakes.


What, are you psychic or working off everyone’s posts?.

Anyway, I expected to lose but at 3;0 I’m out of here. Early start to get to our Cheltenham office for a couple of days. G’night all…


And therefore you have no credibility. Again.


Come on Cedric. This is your moment. COYR


Best bit of defending of the night by Yoshida. Fucking shame was that he was 1 yard from just tapping it into the fucking net. Useless tosser.


I must be a mystic or a savant then as I picked this, and I picked the goals being down to having shite defenders.
The good doctor is replaced by the good gambler.


Dier has injured his wanking hand. Wanker


What the fuck are you on about you tight twat? pay your fiver, watch the game and then I’ll listen to your shite. Otherwise fucking pipe down . Prick.


Just when we needed a but of movement up front … on comes Charlie Austin. Happy days


WTF was Davo doing. Just fucking shoot.


this is the worst ive seen gabba play since he came.


I don’t need to watch it and become invested in it, seeing that team and how shite it is winds me up, £5 is neither here nor there.


Fuck off then. Another thread I’ll now ignore you on.


We’re shite Goat, Hughes was shite Goat, the board are fucking clueless Goat.

In our results this is shown and can’t really be disputed, has it been a good performance?
Are you entertained?
Are we unlucky to be losing?

We’re shite and that is the Southampton way, I accepted that years ago, this is why I don’t believe the drivel the club or players come out with, its shite.