:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)

:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)


FFS we look all at sea defending the corners. Better going forward. Not bad performance but that ain’t winning the game for us.


No listening to Talksport on the wireless, they aren’t particularly impressed, in fact say Ralph is probably looking at how poor the defence is and the lack of physical play from Southampton.


Targett, JWP and Yoshi not exactly getting themselves in the good book of Rabbit Hut


How many fucking times are they going to play the diagonal to Trippier before we cotton on to it … FFS


Funny, they’ve just said he’ll see a good few positives on the tv commentary. Maybe you should spunk £5 per month and make your own mind up? Your Mrs is going to spend a years worth of subscription on coffee in New York. Push the boat out.


Well the crowd hasn’t turned up, talksport say we haven’t threatened bar once and its drab.


Likewise on SNWL. Nothing but complimentary about Hasenhuttl’s chances with the squad



HT : Harry Kane’s goal separates these two. Both teams have hit the woodwork but it’s been low on intensity and quality so far. The atmosphere inside Wembley is flat too. To my left, Ralph Hasenhuttl heads back into the warm for a half-time pie. He won’t be too disheartened by this performance. They’ve asked questions of Spurs. See you in 15.


You’ve found your echo chamber. Congrats baz.


Well on SNWL you can hear the Saints fans loud and clear. It’s the spuds that are quiet. Wembley is half empty. Talkshite really are a top 6 love-in station. Wankers. COYR


Hare pie?


I didn’t know anyone that thought differently, until tonight :grin:
Højbjerg again showing his class, but Davis doesn’t work in a team with him and JWP. Change needed in the middle(and Valery at RB)


Talkshite and Bazza, perfect combo.


I thought that and SKD giving his old mate a run out


Game on. COYR


FFS … diagonal again


shit defending from another corner.


Deflection straight to the attacker FFS


What defender fucked that one up?