:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)

:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)


:tottenhamfc: v :saints:

Tottenham v Southampton (20:00 GMT)

It was strange to see Southampton boss Mark Hughes get sacked after his side put in such a good performance against Manchester United, but he has paid the price for a string of poor results previously.

Whoever gets the job will have a chance to get to know the Saints squad before the January transfer window opens, and you can envisage him being busy next month - he will need to be.

Tottenham will be stinging after their derby defeat by Arsenal and we will see a reaction here. Whoever is in charge of Southampton will probably be leaving Wembley empty-handed.

Lawro’s prediction: 3-0

Ross’ prediction: 4-1

  • Spurs to wipe the turf at Wembley with Saints
  • Spurs to get a jammy last minute deflected winner
  • Bore Draw (as if??)
  • Score Draw
  • Saints to get a sneaky 1-0 victory
  • Saints to hammer a misfiring Spurs
  • Something else

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Hopefully we have eleven fit players for this one…


As I’m on nights today and tomorrow and will probably imbibe on the trip up, I hope the Spurs crowd are as quiet as normal so that I can get some shut-eye.


This one’s on at a decent hour down here (6:30am) and the wife and jnr’s are at here mums, which means no school runs/lunches/showers etc to worry about. In your best Jim Carrey voice, “Somebody stop me!!”


Kick of at 04:00 in the South China Sea I expect to get up at the same time as today so 04:00 it is then to watch us defeat spurs 0-2


Lawro’s prediction and poll added to OP


Think we can sneak this 0-2 we showed enough against manure


You’re new to the forum, we’ll forgive your positivity.

I think we need to prescribe you a read of all @Barry-Sanchez’s posts on the subject of SFC to work it out of you…


Read them but its new era now lol


You’ll fit in just fine




Ok, and just how do votes get added to the poll Bob?


You click on your choice, you can’t see what other people have voted until the poll closes.

TBH I clicked the option, I don’t really like the way it works but I can’t edit the poll now. I won’t do it again…



You are a poor substitute to @saintbletch

And I can’t quite believe I’m saying that




Christ he still missing? WTF did he drink Saturday


All of it.


What did we drink @Goatboy? I remember having something that tastes like cough linctus?

I don’t remember leaving the pub. Did you put me on a train?


You’ve nailed the look



I can still change mine…


You don’t remember the van then?