:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)

:tottenhamfc: Spurs v Saints :saints: (PL)


Kelvin out.


I haven’t seen it but what defender fucked up? It has to be a defender, I can’t believe it was a Worldy.



Ouch for Saints - it’s that man again.

Tottenham work a corner short to Eriksen. What a clever player he is. Instead of sending in a high cross he spots the run of Kane and fires one in low towards the near post. Saints are asleep and Kane nips in. He doesn’t miss from six-yards out.


How many times is Car Thief going to kick the ball out of play tonight. Not good in front of the new boss. COYR


Ralph is probably thinking exactly the same thing as Gao right now…


Why the fat lady get all the cakes?


Well maybe thats the 2nd thought…


that we don’t have the budget to sign that stray dog?


How good that Intiniki with wok?


Its a possibility but I’d say higher odds are “what the fuck is this shit?”


Kane really is an odious bloke. Just the look of the guy stinks. COYR


Oooooo Hodgepodge you beauty. COYR


We’re doing ok.



26: OFF THE POST!! Hojbjerg nearly breaks the woodwork in two! There doesn’t look much danger on as the ball drops to him 30 yards out but he pings a strike that thumps towards goal…Lloris is at full-stretch and somehow gets a hand to it which diverts it onto the post. Amazing strike. Amazing save.


If you mean it only 0-1 then sure yeah its ok.


You watching the game Baz?


No is the score different on the telly?


I was talking about our play rather than the score.




No, but I was interested if you could see how we were playing.