:pl: :saintsfc: Southampton v Chelsea :chelseafc: (Live on :bt_sport: Sport)

:saintsfc: v :chelseafc:

Moved to a lunchtime KO

  • :saints: will take the lead and then lose, again, 7th Premier League game on the spin.
  • an overconfident :chelseafc: rest their players ready for the “real” game on Tuesday night, :saints: take advantage and win to relieve some of the pressure on Hutch (Mr Ralph HasenhĂĽttl)
  • a draw as :saints: fail to convert numerous chances
  • :saints: 0 - 6 VAR

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Don’t see us getting anything out of this one, be preapred for the 7th loss on the trot…


Back 3 Moussa or Redmond at right wing back.
I may skip this one.

Aaron Ramsay is not a RB.
He does not do what Ralph’s system needs full backs to do.
Jack Stephen’s isnt a RB.
He doesn’t… you get the picture.
JWP does do what Ralph’s system needs.
But who plays alongside Romeu?
We are fvcked

We also don’t have Aaron Ramsey on our books.

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Or whatever.

I’m just hoping to see a game where the talking point at the end is the quality of the football and not the referees decisions.


And before the meltdown, Ralph’s only option is Stephen’s at RB.
Against Chilwell

I think our best chance is to get all the participating Sotonians to predict a Superbru win for Chelsea.


Mind you, Kepa is starting tonight so shoot on site could work

You could be onto to something there, shooting off site is never going to work is it?


Tbh. Couldnt be worse than any other tactics we’ve used this season

I must stop predicting the future

I would seriously consider Redmond at RB.

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Watching Djneppo of late you can see that he has been coached and knows what to do and positioning to play RB in Ralph’s system.
He does make tackles.
Equally Stephens knows what to do.
The issue is Djneppo is rubbish at it defensively & Jack is just rubbish going forward.

Time to revert to a back three?

Makes the most sense imho
Chelsea played Hudson Odoi as Wing back last night it worked 1st half certainly

Don’t know what to make of this one. I want to believe that we can start picking up points now but my logical head says the very best we can hope for is a narrow defeat.


They were almost unplayable 1st half last night, BUT Bruce had set the barcodes up with a Diamond and conceded acres of space to their wing backs.
2ndhalf he tweaked it and Chelsea couldn’t break them down so easily.
I hope Ralph was watching