🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


On Christmas Day many of my family visited Mum in Hospital. I said goodbye.
She kept fighting
So we saw her again Boxing Day.
And the day after.
Tonight, in the taxi from the airport I knew something was wrong.
She didn’t make it through tonight.
I’m broken.
Fuck this place, I needed to have been there, it took that away from Mr.


Sorry to hear that Phil. I was in Bahrain when my Grandad died and I missed the funeral too. In the big scheme of things those couple of moments aren’t important. It’s the good memories that stay with you.


My mum died in July when I had taken a break from the hospital to go and watch the World Cup Final.

Nothing you could have done, so don’t beat yourself up about it.


Gutted for you, Phil.


Genuinely sorry to hear the news Phil

Hold on to the good times. No one can take those away from you.



Thanks guys


Really sorry to hear that, Phil.


my condolences Phil.


Sorry to hear that news DP.

Shitty way to start the year.


Sorry DP, condolences. As I once said in song, “don’t let the memory fade away”


As others have said…being there is important to you…that’s all.

I would have liked to be there for both my mum and my dad but events conspired to prevent it. You shouldn’t feel guilty it’s but a single moment in a lifetime shared.

Condolences to you and you family Phil.


Sorry to hear your bad news Phil. Plough through it, your mum would expect no less(shed a tear or two along the way as well).


It’s always a hard one losing a parent DP. As others have said remember the good times. My condolences to you and yours.


Sorry to hear that Phil.
You’ve done nothing there you should regret - you shared goodbyes and then she went.
Sadly that is how life operates, and many don’t even get that chance.

What you do after being knocked down is what defines you.
When life punches us in the face, most mothers want us to make them proud by picking ourselves up off the floor.
With time, I’m sure you will do both of those things.


Condolences, Phil.


My condolences Phil, she knew how you felt about her


I cannot thank all of you enough for the kind words of the last couple of days.
It is amazing, it really did help.

We carry on, we will remember and somehow we have to now battle the move from here with the need to be back for the funeral, so in some ways we really have to step it up and get back into the saddle, I am so relieved I was able to say I loved her one last time, I missed that when my Father passed, which is one of those unforeseen heartbreaks of ex pat life.

Time to get back to work.

Thanks everyone


Can we go back to taking the piss as usual now?


After I’ve explained why Padraig got the Team Europe Captaincy in the US ahead of other candidates
Note volunteer registration now open for Whistling Straights, no I’m not going they are weird with their roles over there.


Weird in what way?

I know I’m going to be sorry I asked and not for the reason I hoped…