🎂 Sotonians milestones

Thought we might have a thread for personal or family milestones.

I’ve had two this weekend myself. Youngest daughter is now sixteen, and the eldest daughter embarks on her second year of Uni*

(and as a sort of half milestone, I’m at the halfway point on moving my daughter in and out of Central London. Only three more to do!)

Eldest son graduated this year, spent 6 weeks backpacking in China and has just started work at an actuarial firm as an investment analyst. (still living at home! )


I’ve just had the biggest shit of my life. Was very satisfying but I feel exhausted now. I might have to take the day off work.


Juvenile Unit #2 got her A/S Level Spanish. She got a B, but was two points off the A. Should she elect to take it at A Level, she just needs to get an A grade and 2 points over to get an A at A level.

She was also focused on 11 GCSEs at the time. Those results will come next week. She is sixteen :lou_wink_2:


I’ve almost finished building my shed.

If it’s a man shed it should never be finished, otherwise you will have no reason to go there.


Our aged Panasonic Microwave went PHUTT this morning…sad day. :lou_sad:

My dog did a phenomenally huge shit a few weeks ago. He’d been quivering a lot and I didn’t know why, but when I let him outside and he produced a poo larger than his own head I could understand it. I was strangely impressed by this marvel of canine metabolism.

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Yet you didn’t take a photo of it? I bet the dog wished it had a selfie stick so that he/she could have recorded this momentous occasion!! Were you in a Poop Scoop area? You’d have needed an IKEA sized bag, not a little flimsy normal sized one for that Turdathon!!

I managed to last the whole night without having to get up for a pee


I hope you gave him the day off

This is true and why it is “almost” finished and has been for the last 18 months.


Farking hell impossible! what meds can do that?

Mrs D_P has just finished painting the staircase & entrance hall.

Me? I’m on the sofa watching golf while she washes up the brunch stuff.

Guess it’s that Polish thing

My brother-in-law is building a shed and has been for over a year. He is now running out of garden and getting bigger than the house! Crazy!


Why have you not got your landlord’s workers to do the painting ?

Youngest daughter got GCSEs today, attaining the top score for two generations.

She snaffled four A stars and six A’s.

Parenting to sixteen is complete.


My eldest has gone to her first festival weekend (Reading)

Mrs C_S and self are now officially “old”



Congrats to the youngest of the pap clan. Solid effort!

Originally posted by Cobham Saint

My eldest has gone to her first festival weekend (Reading)

Mrs C_S and self are now officially “old”


Ah good memories. Reading was my first festival too. Halcyon days of '06, fuck just dawned on me that was 10 years ago.

I shalln’t tell you what I got up to, other than to say it was great fun, and I’m sure Kid C_S will also have a great time!


And that isn’t going to worry the C_S’s any??