🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Always thought she was a Norf Lundun gal tbh.

I don’t follow popular beat combo music much these days.

Is she famous or something?

Didn’t she sing something about umbrellas, Singing In The Rain, or something like that?


I don’t think I’d know her if she sang at a Karaoke bar or the title of any of her songs.



She ain’t spinning around that pole.


When I close my eyes she is.



Asking for a friend like :lou_eyes_to_sky:


No, I’ve got my dressing gown on.


So after @Goatboy saying the Enmore and me saying the Versailles, I’ve gone for the Port Morant(more in the bottle, so no real choice).
I’m now going to do an honest review(with @lifeintheslowlane in mind).
So first thoughts: fuck that was expensive(i’m as big a mug as anyone).
Packaging looks good, but being honest i’d rather it was cheaper and in a plain bottle.
First taste. Oh, that’s weird, it tastes like i’ve brought up a bit of sick(i’m not joking).
It’s a bit like tasting fish sauce, when the closest you’ve been to these flavours is a supermarket battered cod(it cost a lot, i’m going to defend it, ok).
So i got past the weird bit(second glass) and i’ve got to be honest, it’s beyond me to describe. Best i’ve got, is the earthiest rum i’ve had. Loads going on, but not the grassy kind @Goatboy
A similar after taste to an excellent peat whisky, which is a wonderful thing. It’s quite a weird but ultimately enjoyable drink.
At the price, i wouldn’t bother, unless it’s something you really want to try(it’s getting better with every sip), but is a special drink ,if you can get past the initial taste of your own vomit, but that means there’s probably something wrong with you.
I’m off to think about that last sentence(and finish the bottle).


Think you just described our Bullfrogs at Rock Bottom there.
I’ll miss those.
But won’t miss the morning afters