🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Cannot guarantee that. But I will give it a go. For a bit. There were some really annoying people in that team but they have gone so that’s probably going to help.



You may recall that the 1st ever photo uploaded directly to here was Rambo, our pet Tortoise.
Well, today Rambo has left us, moving on to a new young family to begin a new adventure.
It is heart-breakingly sad, he has been with us for almost 24 years. That sadness is tempered by the fact that for the last 2 years he has been marooned on a tiled patio and not in a garden.
EU rules means he couldn’t have come with us or moved to the familes of the kids.
His new family are so excited, their Dad has an allergy to Dogs & Cats and they had been looking for a Tortoise for a while. Unlike UK they are quite common here and so despite being bloody broke in the run up to Christmas he has gone with love not with any exchange of funds.

Farewell Rambo. I hope you will enjoy being back in a proper garden again, able to munch the flowers as well as your daily lettuce, carrots, cucumber and apples and enjoy digging holes in the sand and the lawn again!

Miss you already


I’m now as old as @BTripz
My daughter surprised me with a book i hadn’t heard of, but looks right up my street :blush:
And one i’ve been after for a while.
Two books that most would find dull and i’m over the moon, so my age appears to have caught up with me at last.


Happy Birthday mate! Crack open a bottle of Enmore to celebrate!


On this at the moment.
Might have an Enmore later, although i’m quite enjoying the Versailles lately(all 63% vol).


Happy Birthday. Start as you mean to go on, growing old disgracefully is the way to go.


Happy half century, @Saint-or-sinner. That’s 23 more than either Hendrix or Winehouse.


Continue as i am then.
Thanks for the advice :grin:


Good man, that’s what we like to hear. I never doubted you!


Happy birthday @Saint-or-sinner, being in the same half century as @lifeintheslowlane isn’t too bad, honest


Don’t know what to do with myself. Your supposed to moan more as you get older(i may have peaked to soon), but that’s a risk(for me at least).
I’ll become a happy drunk. Sounds fun and i haven’t regularly drunk alcohol for breakfast since i worked in Germany(i hear @Intiniki is the expert in this field).


And a big happy birthday from me as well, you young scamp! :lou_lol:


Happy birthday whipper-snapper…hardly out of nappies. :lou_wink_2:


Happy birthday fella.



Happy Birthday SOS


Or this, notice the 2 'n’s Phil :lou_wink_2:


Just wait till you are 60. (Its a lot of fun)

Happy birthday.


When’s she turning up?


When we got the bus back to the airport the driver proudly took us down Rihanna Street in Bridgetown. “She doesn’t forget her roots” he said, “she’ll be back to see her folks at Christmas”

So if you want to stalk her…it’s Bridgetown, Barbados at Christmas. :lou_lol: