🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


And on this day in 1964 I went to my first game. Saints 6 Rotherham 1.

Had to keep going after that.


And I was just 20 days from making a grand entrance to the world…

Jeez, I’m getter old…er


When you start getting sales reps visiting your apartment to prepare a freight quote.

Yep, clock is ticking, no firm date yet, but hopefully a name change before February.

Who will go first? Me or Eric?




That’s the football equivalent of a new customer discount


November 22nd 1963…Kennedy assassinated on my 15th Birthday.

Cruising The Caribbean at this very moment…somewhere between The British Virgin Island of Tortola (yesterday) and The Dominican Rep. (tomorrow). 30c in November is very pleasant although not sure how I will cope with the excess of fuckin’ birthdays.


What are you flogging @Dubai_Phil?

I’m sure you told me once and even posted somewhere, but I forget a lot these days…


I’ve done the maths. Happy 70th, you old fucker! :lou_lol:


We rely on you @Fowllyd for these little things, like being able to work out a persons age :clap:

Thank you


I jest of course.


Event Management Software. Primary market is for conferences cloud based designed for modern data analytics blah blah.



Teenage Mutant is now to be known as Young Adult #2.

Family C_S converging on Borough Market this evening for him to legally buy the first round


Yeah, happy 70th @lifeintheslowlane


Thanks all…I only feel one day older fortunately but I have heard the effect can be accumulative.


Bloody hell can Young Adults #1 & #2 drink…

I’m getting too old for this game.


Oh, Black and Blue in Borough Market is overrated for a good steak.

Had mixed reviews from people but good just outweighed the bad. My steak was so chewy and the replacement was no better. Tourist trap. They had the good grace to not charge for my meal. Bonus! :+1:


Just poured everyone to bed…


Had an interview on Monday, offered the job on Wednesday. This was the 3rd interview for that team. The job I’ve been wanting for 2 and half years. It’s a promotion but I will be part time. Going to have to fill those other days until hopefully some more hours come up.


Brilliant news!


Why is this not top of the threads?!

Well done you!

If it’s the job you want then go for it. Fill in / justify more hours when you have your feet under the table.

Hope you are pleased!



Good Job


Can you stop moaning about work now? :lou_wink_2:

Congrats x