🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Yeah don’t get too twatted or you’ll B-hungover


Happy birthday @BTripz. Have a great night :beers:


It took you 11 minutes to work that one out???


Yay! Someone else catching me up.
Happy Birthday tripsy


I’m meant to B-working Bob, I’m coming on here just to slag off the tories and make supposedly funny quips about your birthday when I should be doing my job so lay off me I can’t be on here 24 hours a day making up to the minute witticisms :disappointed_relieved:


OK, sorry, I’ll B-leaving you alone then…


I B-Lieve your apology to B-Genuine so we’ll leave it at that and let B-Gones B-B-Gones (bit of a stretch that one but I’m leaving it out there).


Thanks @gavstar, I’ll B-have and stop B-littling you now and I’ll B-letting you get on with it


Enough now B-Quiet.


Happy birthday. Have a good night, try not to behave yourself.


You look older, Big Birthday Bob.

Happy Birthday Bobster!


As an added bonus I also won the Children In Need duck sweepstake at work, I won this


Happy birthday mush. I’ll sink some tonight in your honour.


I already have.




@BTripz happy birthday. Raising a glass to you. See you all in the pickled thread later.


@BTripz happy birthday BBBBOB. Glass suitably filled, raised and emptied in Carrotshire. Tres bon. SCD


Happy birthday, @BTripz, once known as Big Bad Bob in realms other.

That is what the triple B stands for, people. A bit of Sotonians lore.

And if Sotonians were the court of Camelot as depicted in the utterly accurate Monty Python’s Holy Grail, you would be Galahad. Committed to a fault, and a man who knows how to weigh a fucking duck properly.

Happy birthday mate.


If Bob is out on the piss, what are you doing drinking beer in his living room?



Happy birthday, O Big Bad one.