🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Extract from the wine list. I am now bankrupt and living on bread and water


Here, have some of the snail porridge that set Heston up for life

The snails were nice and tender, the porridge was a little meh tbf, short on the oats to my liking but the taste was great overall


Cobs, it looks shite …


I have coughed up better looking stuff from my lungs after a bout of Influenza mate.


Take no notice of the plebs Cobs…I like a tender snail…looks delicious. :lou_lol:


They’re all philistines @lifeintheslowlane. If it doesn’t come with chips and ketchup…




Bit of a milestone week for me.

Gitex - Guf IT Exhibition starts today. Mrs D_P is helping out some Polish exhibitors all week, I will pass by for a day or so and go to a couple of parties/networking events. It will be my 25th. As many change sin that industry as in Dubai if I am honest.

Then Friday the I cannot believe this is happening day. Plan A was to be in a Village Hall in UK with old mates and The Zucchinis playing. Plan B was to be with some mates & family in Krakow drinking Polish Ales & Vodkas.
Reality? We are still waiting on that investment so we are more broke than Cobham. Equally we can’t travel because Gitex only ends Thursday night and every flight out of here is full that weekend.

So Plan C (Eric is working) will be me, Mrs D_P and my mate Dave Crane doing a Brunch. You all know Dubai Brunch stories. And tbh I REALLY don’t need or want those gluttony fests. Like Cobs’ I wanted something unusual I could actually remember (well, that the photos would remind me had been unusual.

Yep. I’ve just booked brunch at The Lido, from 1-4pm, followed by a set of 2-4-1 cocktails at the Yacht Club for Friday.
Food will be average, booze will be average - house beverages only - no budget for Bubbles
But, in true Sotonian Style, the venue WILL be special.

Yep. Brunch on The QE2.

After party? well hopefully we will last long enough for some Happy Hour Ales and a bit of drunken karaoke


Have the refitted the funnel?

Last Time I was in that yard where they had berthed the QE2 it was sat on the quay.


Believe so. Will find out Friday :slight_smile:


@unionhotel did some work on the QE2 for months, @Dubai_Phil. The vessel never quite had the same class again :wink:


Big Saints Quiz, hosted by Matt Le Tiss last night.

We only went and fucking won it.

Man City away here we come.



First dibs on any drop out places



20 years ago Young Adult was born.

She’s no longer a teenager.

Scared the life out of us to be responsible for such a beautiful tiny helpless human being.


Surely she’s learnt some life skills by now



She can drink like a fish, stay up late clubbing and get to 8:30am lectures on a Monday morning, so yeah, I guess she has.



Nominated for a National industry award for one of our projects, which took place last Friday in London. We didn’t win, but the recognition was nice and we scooped the Regional awards earlier in the year.


Excuse my moment of egotism but today I am 18262 days old!

Tonight I might (or most probably won’t be) posting on the “Friday Night” thread!

If you make it to the Acorn in Creekmoor before midnight tonight I will buy you a tipple.


well done for not forgetting the leap year days! :lou_smiley:


Happy B-Day BTripz!