🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Big Chocolate Cake?


That was very restrained…


Unfortunately not…but no big deal anyway. :lou_lol:


I’m with @gavstar.

Very restrained.

Something in 'slowlane’s ear with the initials BCC…

It is Sotonians’ lore that the B can only stand for Big and the last C can only stand for Cock.

In fact, the only thing that is up for debate is the inner C.

I’d go for a Big Chubby Cock, myself - if you see what I mean.

Hope all’s well John!


Respect thy elders!


Yeah…POP…piece of piss …the anaesthetic hasn’t worn off yet.




I was working at the RSH in the summer of 76, amazed it is still there. I presume it has been tarted up a bit since then, it was a bit basic back in those days.To say the least!


Yes tarted up and new bits added. I remember visiting my Dad in a Victorian Ward in the 1980s when he had kidney stones. Not a place to fill you with confidence.

Today I was surrounded by 5 ladies…and as much as surgery can be…very pleasant. :lou_lol:


A shout out to @redjoane for a milestone this week. She won her company Bake Off competition, and as such, gets to represent her branch in the all branch corporate finals at Christmas.

Her winning entry, a cheesecake that I think would put @Sfcsim’s to the soft cheese sword, garnered the following reaction during a boardroom meeting in which most of the participants partook of the cheesecake, while a couple did not. This is what transpired.

The cheesecake eaters were cramming it down, and as they did so, made mmm and aah sounds, akin to sex noise.

A protesting dairy dodger points out “It’s like a fucking porno in here”.


I had keyhole knee surgery at the RSH a few years ago. Brilliant.
I was also born there nearly 50 years ago…


Mrs C_S has reached an age milestone - the one after 49…

We’re off to her bucket list restaurant- t’Fat Duck in Bray on Saturday.

Me, Kids, Sis, Bro’ in law will all enjoy every mouthful…

I’ll post pics


How long ago did you book that?


After the Bletch “Big Chubby Cock” outrage I though you might like the selfie I took yesterday…



Lot of 50th birthdays coming up then…


Year and a bit to go for me :sunglasses:


Pah, youth of today, always rubbing your nose in it.


Back in June…

Just got home

Marvellous experience- highly recommended- this dish tasted like how the seashore smells (yes really weird)


Notice the little wooden boxes on the table. They are little money boxes (fits into the story being told around the food). Look at the one closest to the plate. They knew I support Saints so personalised mine.

They even gave Mrs C_S a birthday card signed by everyone even Heston.

The day was full of little things like that.


Ice lollies

The one on the right was smoked salmon

Yeah, I was a bit surprised…