🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Bet he’s a real softy in real life…



It is

Just dug this out of the cupboard

Just PM me with what you want me to steal



Tom’s first drive without L plates (with his mum)

Practicing the route to college


@KRG is all excited, @Fatso congratulates him and you tell him, his alarm is shit and you’re planning to Rob his house.
You’re as bad as me on the “we’re all doomed” thread.
Enjoy your new home @KRG and don’t worry about @Cobham-Saint he’ll stop in a pub on the way and never make it.
@pap on the other hand will know your address by now and i don’t need to tell you, he never ever gives up.


Excuse me. You’re doing a massive disservice to all the real stalkers that come through this place :smiley:

I’m just an amateur.


You’re all amateurs.


Ok. This weekend

Mrs C_S is taking Young Adult back to Exeter for yr2 @Uni.

I’m taking Teenage Mutant to Cardiff to see the physics dept - just in case - he doesn’t want to go there…

Anyway, Daughter of one of my team is starting at Exeter and Young Adult has already booked a meet up on Sunday- which I thought is lovely

Wish I was so nice



Take the mutant out on the lash in Cardiff.


Yeah, try booking a hotel room for an old bloke and a teenager and see how far you get…



Well, long day but worth it.

Cardiff Uni looked good and the Physics Dept staff were the most enthusiastic and engaging of those we’ve seen so far.

Haven’t been to Cardiff for about 10 years and it has changed a lot - for the better.

Seems it’s now likely to be at the top of Teenage Mutant’s list - even though he wasn’t keen on the place before we went. Go figure :lou_facepalm_2:


My youngest went to Cardiff.
He seemed to enjoy it.
He was in Halls for 1st year which I visited to drop off a suitcase full of kit for him (as did all 3 of my kids)

That is really helpful, I know. No trouble.


Just accepted a permanent job. Will stop being a contractor in about a month.



It certainly is for the three people that I’ll be managing.

Fortunately, no-one is going to compare the new job to a pub or me to a landlord.


I’m off with the Nipper to Manchester this Saturday for an open day. That will be a long day and can’t even stop off at Wolverhampton on the way back.


It’ll probably be a blessing in disguise…

Have fun. What does he want to do btw?


Will they look up to you?


image https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/gameofthrones/images/c/c8/Iron_throne.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131005175755

From his chair of power I’d say, yes


I’m ultra positive about the game tomorrow. This is not based upon any rational assessment, however.

He wants to do Computer Science, or some related degree.

Your mention of Cardiff took me back to a girl I met on my year out who was studying there. I visited her a few times during the final year and thought Cardiff was excellent. Mind you, this could have something to do with her living in a shared house with 5 other girls in a road called Fanny Street, which was nice.


Today I underwent my first surgical procedure (apart from having my umbilical cut) at the RSH Hospital. Just a local anaesthetic (for local people) to remove a BCC from my left ear.