🎂 Sotonians milestones

:birthday: Sotonians milestones


Another resurrection denier.


Anti semite…


Happy belated birthday KRG!


Not a good one. The previously on the fence, just about Southampton, Young Adult #1 is now a confirmed Red. Her boyf is a Red. Her mum and sister are Reds, and Liverpool are presently ripping Roma apart 5-0 at Anfield.

There was no way I could fight all that off, people, although you’ll be pleased to know that I rather bitterly included a picture of Theon Greyjoy in the Facebook FamChat.


Small update on my Mum.

As you may know last few weeks I had a bag packed waiting for THAT call.

Anyway family sought out a different Doc who changed her meds so yesterday she was much more with it and we went to one of those chain pubs for lunch.

2nd day in a week she had been able to leave the house.

Stayed overnight with friends and had a few hours with her today. Not a relapse but she was not good.

Absolutely heartbroken. Feeding her some toast & Marmalade watching her sleeping and then.

Saying goodbye and giving her a kiss.

I did fucking well to drive to Stansted and head back to Poland utterly broken.

Now suiting at the in laws on the balcony with my favourite Vodka praying she is still around on my next trip.

My Brother Sister and the new Carer who started today are absolute fucking heroes.


Teenage Mutant achieved his PADI open water diving certification today- he’s pretty chuffed and so are Mrs C_S and me. Nice to see him have an interest that gets him out of doors and isn’t online gaming related.


Cracking hobby, hope he goes onto do more. Advanced open water, wreck and nitrox courses pretty much open up most recreational dives. Rescue diver is good fun as is search and recovery where you get to piss about with lift bags



Got to float around with 2 30ft whale sharks on my first dive after passing my PADI.

Instructor had done 80 dives on the same spot and not seen them so we really lucked out.


Yeah he’s planning to, after getting a bit more experience.

If you have asked me that he’d want to dive when I first took him to parent / toddler sessions at the local pool I would have said no way - he’d could only sink like a stone. Mind you that’s probably why he likes diving.


Young Adult #2 has four A levels to her name. She got B’s for everything. Her sister got a couple of A’s, but only did three. Naturally, we’re all very proud.


Good for her @pap



The school want to pay to get two of her grades re-marked. They reckon she’s been done up. She’s made up though. That girl ain’t leaving Liverpool. She’ll end up going to Liverpool Uni when she finally decides and she can get in anytime she wants.


Partner had an interview today and he’s been offered a new role. It is a step up. I knew he’d get it. Now just need to have some of his ability to do well in interviews rub off on me.


Teenage Mutant passed his driving test today.

I have put him on the car insurance on the understanding that a request to drop off / pick up me and Mrs C_S from the pub at any time we choose is non-negotiable



My mum & stepdad did this for me, and made the same request.

I happily obliged, regularly. Be warned, I did use it to then start strong arming lifts back, though mostly because they set their stalls out early and told me to make my way most places.

“If you can’t get there/back you shouldn’t go”

Oh how they regretted that line


So, I alluded to a busy weekend on some thread somewhere.

After a very stressful few days, KRG and the very wonderful KRgf can now call ourselves home owners.

Was surprisingly bittersweet, we’ve left East London where we’ve called home for 4 and a bit years. We’re further out, but have more to show for it. And, having lived in a basement all that time, it’s wonderful to have a fair sized garden.

Again, I appreciate this is fairly trivial, mundane, self centred bs. But it certainly feels like a milestone to us.


Congratulations :sunny:


That’s that kindest, least sarcastic thing I’ve ever seen @Fatso post.

He can be a real cunt.


Is that a house fob or a car fob?


If I recall correctly it’s the fob for a shitty BT alarm system- we had one. It was shit.


@Goatboy, is your van free?