:six_nations:🏉 Six Nations 2024

Nobody loses to Italy in the 6 Nations Rugby.


Italy are a much improved team this year. England did just enough and showed some nice periods of play, although will need to be a lot tighter against Ireland and France. Roots, Freeman and Dingwall point to a bright future.
For me, It’s Irelands to lose now. Even without Sexton, they are very strong.

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At the Scotland game me the handsome dude in the hat… some atmosphere but kept needing to check saints score in second half….

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Young lad that sang Ireland’s national anthem was ace :lou_smiley:

England beating Ireland in the egg chasing but a long way to go

George Ford misses a penalty

Don’t forget England have had a try chalked off as well.

the ites beat the jocks

Ireland take the lead with a long range penalty.

We got a try

This is strangely exciting


Fuck yeah!

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Great win for Italy in Cardiff. Transitional season for them. Reckon England will come back and beat France this half.