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And in @Lets-B-Drinking’s favourite competition :-

Young Littiler marches on - got to the final of the Dutch masters and got beat by MVG

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Meanwhile in Brisbane


Nice away day location btw :wink:

The littler bandwagon keeping rolling

Just won his first Premier league match dispatching the world champion 6-2

MVG next

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Mad as a box of frogs…

Super Bowl conspiracy theories involving Taylor Swift are “nonsense”, says NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Music superstar Swift is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whose team will compete in their fourth Super Bowl in five years on Sunday.

Right-wing critics say their relationship is part of a plot to rig the NFL’s championship game and help get US President Joe Biden re-elected.

“I’m not that good a scripter,” said Goodell.

Huge news just in!
She made it!


Huge news??



Yep. It really is.
It is sick.
We have farmers striking over stupid green policies and we’ve had two weeks of articles about how a millionaire can fly from Tokyo to Vegas to watch a sports game and get laid.

It is huge news

Share Message - Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift arrives at Las Vegas stadium

It is disgusting and shows everything wrong with WEF fucking us little guys

Meanwhile, Phoebe is looking fine in her contact lenses this evening.
And such a wise pundit

Tbf - it’s the media looking to sell ads isn’t it?

Yeah, it eclipses more important things, but what can we do?

Ah, protest!

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Taylor has been $$$$$ for NFL.
All her swifties are now sitting down with Dad to watch. Huge jump in numbers
Marketing dream!

IF he had an account @PhilippineSaint could actually bet on whether Travis propes tonight…

I actually plan to try & watch until Usher does his thing at HT. Have enjoyed the earlt playoff games this year.


Probably more enjoyable @Polski_Filip

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Chiefs getting blasted 0-0 1st qtr

Cannot move the ball. Mr Irrelevant pkaying with freedom just penalty flags stopped them leadinh

Free to watch on ITV btw

Ffs i was going to bed


Fucking missed point. Fucking lucky deflection off the punt.


I bet O’Sullivan will not be too stressed to take part in this competition

Ah, more sportswashing

I’m holding out for the Saudi World Cribbage Open, failing that the Kerplunk Masters.