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Was this your defence lawyer’s opening gambit? :rofl:

One might reasonably assume that to be the title of Jeffrey Archer’s autobiography.

However, those were reputedly the last words of Hassan i Sabah, aka the Old Man of the Mountain.

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Can somebody tell my Mrs this :blush:

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Watching Brazil vs Sweden in the Women’s Beach Volleyball.

There’s already been a wrist injury, but I should be okay by the weekend.

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Sandbanks is looking nice this morning, you can even see the channel ferry to Cherbourg on the horizon


I follow this on Twitter via an ex Dxb Saint who does Marathons.

No female runner had finished this brutal event before. A 100 mile ultra marathon across some brutal terrain

This is a very big thing



Shaun Murphy, the snooker player, claims to have hit a 147, a 9 dart leg and a hole in one.

Its an interesting brag - the 147, well yes he is a pro snooker player. Hole in one - that can be fluked. but a 9 darter as well? He claims it was after a couple of years of going down the pub too much and that what he did

I have been down the pub since I was 15 so 44 years and I have never hit a 9 dart finish

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I have only once hit a 90 dart finish

After 44 years down the pub, I’m not sure I would be able to hit the wall with the dart, let alone a treble

I was only out not out out. so I did leave the pub sometimes. :slight_smile:

My great friend, Jo, is doing the London Marathon at the tender age of 67. Told her to use a wheelchair. That bird has just done it in 90 mins. Jo will be lucky to beat a bloke carrying a fridge.


I’m doing it at the moment. Thank goodness the pubs are open. Chambers picked me up at mile 2 and will drop me off at the top of The Mall a little later. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Won’t they notice the helicopter?

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