📸 Serious Photography Hobbyists?


Shuffling through some old images this morning I found this. A grab-shot of tourists being propositioned in Tunis in 2009.
“Hey lady, I have feeeeelthy postcards of men too”. :lou_lol:


Is it Charlie Austin or Chris Hemsworth?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I’m not at all a serious photo hobbyist but this is a picture.

The Portuguese take on room 101


Hey @Saint-or-sinner thought this is the right place to talk about Photo-editing software if you want to get into making pictures and getting the best out of your camera now you have some good kit.

Most cameras come bundled with some simple editing software which is always pretty rudimentary. Nothing wrong with it if your aim is no higher than taking the odd snapshot, but hey, you’re now a serious photographer. So what software does the Pro and the aspiring amateur use? Easy…Adobe Photoshop and/or Adobe Lightroom.
So which one for you, again easy, Adobe Lightroom…it’s the Photographer’s go-to.

What about Adobe Photoshop? I hear you say. “Photoshop” has entered the Internet dictionary over the last 30 years as the ubiquitous software to mess with pictures…it’s the “Industry Standard” Yep it is but it’s the “Industry Standard” because it does absolutely everything, processing the image from camera to hard copy publication. All things to all men in publishing for anything that uses pictures…you don’t need that. To buy Adobe Photoshop it will cost a lot and most of it you’ll never use.

Adobe Lightroom is a cut-down version of Photoshop eliminating a lot of the Forster/Hoedt/Cedric you don’t need and as we all know cutting out a lot of the expense too. Here it is: https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/photoshop-lightroom.html

If you want to go this route buy a monthly plan, i.e. about a tenner a month that allows you to carry it on your Desktop, Laptop and Smartphone. This means rather than buying singly you get the latest version, all the upgrades, all the tutorials, 1tb of Cloud storage and all the support for a tenner a month.

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Cheers for the advice and will follow your suggestions(eventually). I’m taking it slow at the moment(will need a new laptop before anything else). Haven’t played around with cameras full box of tricks yet as i want to learn a bit about myself(with camera) first. You know, what i like to picture, light and basic settings.
I do seem to favour nature and close up at the moment. Going fishing for the whole weekend, so hopefully get some good practice whilst also learning some more.
My phone comes preloaded with Image Edge Mobil, so can put everything on phone no matter where i am instantly(if I get any Kingfishers you’ll know within seconds :grin:).
Best start looking for that laptop soon(don’t want a pc), so any advice on requirements/screen type would be appreciated.

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