Serious Photography Hobbyists?


And the side streets are usually where you find the hidden gems like bars and cafes used mainly by the locals - at half the price of those round the corner which are more touristy.


Exactly…this was taken in a quiet Tapas Bar in the old town in La Corunna…very cheap.


Beautiful shot.
I want to get better at Portrait and studies such as this… great stuff LITSL please post some more :blush:


Love the reflections on the cars - works really well to add an almost illustration like feel to it… cracking


Digital photography has revitalised my love for photography and cruising makes it easy to tick off a lot of locations you should have been but never got around to. My wife says, you only go because it provides you with more “photo opportunities” which I deny…but she knows me too well.
Digital also means that you don’t have to decide between colour or black and white before setting out…you can have either or both, the digital process means you make the choice later.
My first love is black and white but sometimes colour works better. People view black and white pictures differently, they notice form and texture more IMO than in colour pictures…well I do anyway. Here’s a few more for you @Map-Of-Tasmania.


LLS and Map of Tasmania, your photography is seriously good. That Tapas bar portrait is lovely.


I am not in Slowys league , wanted to tap him up for advice and tips… the bike snap was just an iPhone job when out riding as I though the character of the building was cool and summed up the part of France we were in

I want to get much better at portraits and as Slowy does really capture a moment in those folks lives…


Thank you for the compliments, it’s always nice if people like what you do. With photography people will always tell you if they like it but keep quiet if they don’t. That’s probably because everyone takes pictures these days and they now understand the failure rate.

Digital photography has taken selectivity out of the equation, people just click away knowing there’s space for another 1000 shots on the card and the crap is easily deleted…I do it too.

I love street photography but never engage with the subject…all the pictures I’ve posted here are candid…you could never hope to organise any of those pictures, they just happen and it’s up to you to decide what is the decisive moment to click the shutter.

It all sounds very arty/farty but in reality it isn’t, it’s just intuitive. This is a favourite of mine, taken with my little point ‘n’ shoot Sony RX100 in Winchester. You select “the decisive moment” it’s the only thing to concentrate on.


Love that… like lots of little intimate scenes… its like its alive - with lots going on - even the waiter and the couple inside have a story.

Great stuff!


I’m pleased you noticed the waiter because that’s the only bit of luck in the whole scene…I didn’t notice him until I reviewed the picture. All the external elements were what I saw as “the decisive moment”…you get a tingle when the brain recognises it and you click the shutter. :lou_lol:


The interactions are that complex that it actually looks posed - right down to the dogs.

Great shot.


Yep that’s the only part you couldn’t pose…the dogs. There is however one element that wouldn’t co-operate and I remember waiting for it to resolve but all the other elements came into line and I knew I had to click. If you look at the woman standing in the street with her dog on the lead, she is standing in front of a chap in a dark overcoat. TBH if she had moved a bit I think it would probably fucked up the whole picture. :lou_lol:


Just finished watching this documentary on iPlayer about Don McCullin…fantastic photographer, a very human human-being.

Don McCullin: Looking for England


Thanks for posting John. Really enjoyed that!


His years as a “War Photographer” took a heavy toll on his mental health in the '70s but it’s really good to see he’s enjoying his later years. An amazingly a nimble and sociable 83 year old. :lou_lol:


I hadn’t noticed this thread before - here’s a couple of mine from last summer


That’s a cracking pic


Love your wildlife shots Pete but I don’t have the patience to shoot them myself.
That bee shot is fantastic, takes on almost an abstract air…must have a pretty good macro lens for that.

My brother-in-law has taken up Nature photography in the last 5 years and has come on in leaps and bounds…jealous of his array of lenses, he shoots mostly birds. I think he would have been chuffed if he’d taken that shot of the Owl…cracker. :lou_lol:

Post some more…I love pictures.


Have I shared this before? Quite proud of the timing myself.

Love the reaction time of the redhead by the pushchair.


Thank you, here’s a few random ones, White Tiger, African Tree Python, Gannet on the Yorkshire coast, Glass House Mountains in Oz and 2 experiments with wirewool, an egg whisk and a battery. The Macro lens is an elderly Nikon 105mm F2.8 Macro