:pl: :saints: Saints v Scouse Hampton :liverpoolfc:


:saints: v :liverpoolfc:

  • :liverpoolfc: are going to rip :saints: a new one (© @Barry-Sanchez) , :liverpoolfc: win by 4+ goals
  • Danson starts and does his best but his presence doesn’t help to keep the score down, :liverpoolfc: win by 1 to 3 goals
  • by some miracle :saints: manage to score and defend, :saints: win by any margin
  • :saints: score early again but this just pokes the hornets nest, :liverpoolfc: then put them to the sword, :liverpoolfc: win
  • bore draw
  • score draw

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JV is a liability, drop him and Stephens, jiggle the formation and let Danso, Djnepo, Yosh and PEH have a start against the Pool. Can’t be any worse than today, can it?


Burnley game reminded of games before premier we use to lose alot on flrst game of season where we should get a result the 2nd game we did


If ever there was a 4-0 to saints game then surely its this one.


You fallen spectacularly off the wagon, Rust?


From several hundred feet dear boy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sunshine & no wind? Walk in the park.
Danso wont be ready, Stephen’s gets picked because he can pass a ball despite an inability to mark or tackle.

I just pray the tour Saturday doesn’t get cancelled like today so I dont have to watch


Oh good god, do we have to play this lot already. I suppose it gets it out of the way.


We’re going to.get torn a new arsehole on yesterday’s games simple as that.


I get confused, who is WE in that prediction?

Saints or Liverpool?


We’ll who do you think going from yesterday Einstein?


Well I think Liverpool will beat us.


I’m just hopeful they we put on a better performance.

It’s just that I don’t think anybody is in any doubt who I support when I use words like us and we.

With you I sometimes wonder if you support Saints as opposed to just, say, follow them.


Really looking forward to this.

But then I’ve got the dentist tomorrow and then its the Lords Test starting on Wednesday.

What a time to give up sniffing glue.


Those cunts don’t support me and my family, they couldn’t give a fuck, the badge I follow, that’ll never change, I just say it how it actually is, yesterday was ok in the first 45 and absolute wank (mainly inbred defending in the 2nd), thats it and lets not sugar coat it as that is for children who can’t accept the truth.


Could equally title this #saintsfc defence


Yeah, like I said, you’re more of a follower than a supporter.

Then again, I’m not sure what describing the team you follow as cunts says about you.

It’s fine, be a follower, it’s much easier than committing to support a team.


This is a game that might best be endured in a darkened room with the duvet pulled up over your head

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Which is exactly where I will be as its the first Saturday off the rig after a friday, so alcohol will have been imbibed in copious amounts so may miss it entirely.


You could be right, age, time, life and responsibilities change perspective, they don’t represent me.