:pl: :saints: Saints v Scouse Hampton :liverpoolfc:


Hutch ahead of Liverpool.

Needs more quality in defence.

Hopes Big Kev is a quick learner.

Going to see if Big Kev is ready at the end of the week.

Disappointed that we lost PvH to sickness on the coach to the match. Seems like they messed with his plans.

Knows he needs to work on the players mentally for this game. Their heads are down.


Hiding to nothing
Gonna need all the help we can get.
So. Gonna get in first.
Hopefully this contains enough Nuns.
Sound on.

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“Luckily” I will be in London this weekend “enjoying” a late anniversary dirty weekend away from the kids.

I say “enjoying” as Mrs BTripz wants to go and see On Your Feet, the story of Emilio and Gloria Estefan :lou_facepalm_2:

To be fair it might actually be slightly less painful watching that than the football…


Poll added to the OP


Yeah, apparently Danson could be a starter…


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Ted Danson at the back and Ched Evans up front. What can go wrong?


Frannie to dust off his boots I heard too.

To play at CB

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Lets hope Wank Frampard will be busting a gut to win on wed, and instructing his troops to kick the fuck out of anything that moves in The Super Cup in Istanbul. A bit surprised our game wasn’t moved to Sun 10pm to give Klopps boys a bit more recovery time. Saleh and Van Dick out would be nice!! Lolvren as replacement scoring an og or 2 then getting sent off, 2 clear LFc goals chalked out by VAR leading to a klopp melt down and getting sent off, an Ings hat trick and Hoj or Romeu launching Nivea Boy into row z and not even getting a booking.
SMS would be knee deep in sex goo if that all happened!!


I assume Hobgoblin is on promotion again down the supermarket.


Do we stand a chance? Two teams play so yes.
Are we hopeful? Doesn’t sound like it.
My thoughts? Win

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P. S
What the fuck is going on with the weather over there atm?


It’s summer in the UK :man_shrugging:


Thank God for Sotonians!

Take a read of the comments at the bottom of this article…

My paraphrased favourites are as follows:

  • “Yoshida is the second fastest player in the squad after Long.” (On what evidence? Redmond and Adams may have something to say about that)

  • “Lets play Romeu centre back and pop Cedric in midfield. That will solve all of our problems”.


Well Yoshida is a good man but a poor Premeirship centreback, a good utility left or right back now and again but 1st choice? No where near, Stephens simply proves how far we’ve fallen or not fallen per se but how shite our recruitment has been in recent years, its been fucking shite beyond belief.


Thanks to that music festival & seeing Ottowan sing their big hit.
Eric decided we should use it as the song for Kev

D. A. N.S.O
He is D - Dominating.
He is A - Anticipating.
He is N - New to our team.
He is S - Super Sexy
he is Oh oh oh

Been a LONG day


I would like to emphasise that the lyrics about dominatrixes, being moist with anticipation, super sexyness and simulated orgasm noises are all totally his own work!!

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I’ll put this here as I’m sure there will be questions about this Saturday’s game…

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