:pl: :burnleyfc: Burnley v Saints :saints:


Not much luck on our side. However, we were pretty turgid

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Didn’t see the first half but the second half looked to start well until a couple of defensive mistakes gave them chances that they finished clinically.

Wished I’d see the first half because we didn’t seem to be playing to much of a plan in the second half. Nervous clearances and backs to the wall tackles.


Pretty much. Not sure what we were aiming to do that was going to create goals tbf

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Regimented and organised 1st half.
Shower of shit 2nd half.
Regimented and organised is fine IF you can pick out a pass - we couldn’t.


Did we want to? A fair bit of aimlessly running around. Adams scores early, could have been different


Next week we will beat Liverpool and you can quote me

:pl: :saints: Saints v Scouse Hampton :liverpoolfc:

Probably pretty quickly if on suicide watch in a US prison.

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Now, this guy would be a good drinking companion. His glass is most definitely half full :+1::+1::+1:


Same as @saintbletch, his glass never gets half empty as he usually passes out before then…


Burnley game was very much a Ralph game which he can learn from.We are good against open play but defense of defenders and midfielders we ares shit we still need learning to open them up

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Glass is mainly empty like my fridge :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can see an amazing improvement. We are playing with a system and the players know what their roles are.
However, having thought about it, I foresee a problem.
The players are focusing on the system and playing passes to where the system says they should be played. The wind, rain and sheer awkwardness of Burnley meant that those passes often went astray OR were simply poorly hit.
As a result, we looked unnatural. Almost Puelesque in playing and thinking about a system rather than expressing ourselves on the ball.
Apart from some efforts by Redmond, creativity was squeezed out of us.
It was turgid.
Now. I’m not melting down, because it is a work in progress. The lesson I hope Ralph learned today is that he cannot replace PASSION with a system.
Against better teams the system will work better.
But, as we all know we need quality alongside the developing Bednarek & Valery.
What a horrific trip for so many, and what a bursting of the bubble.
At least Norwich showed some fight & passion last night.
We gave up & I think the players threw their toys out the pram


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Thought we were the better team, but again, we seem to have problems with our scoring of goals.

The normal start to the season it is then.


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